Critical Race Training in Education
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"Since 1946, St. John’s School has been encouraging dedicated students to study, inquire, play, and thrive. Combining accomplishments in academics, athletics, and the arts with selfless service, St. John’s students join and continue our tradition of action, distinction, and service on and off campus. Offering students a supportive environment filled with possibility and fun, we celebrate their lives of discovery, and delight in seeing their successes here in Houston and beyond" (Source: St. John's School has a student to faculty ratio of 9 to 1, 1,419 students, and 191 faculty members.
General Information
St. John's recently created a page on Community and Inclusion. St. John's is working to incorporate DEI into its core curriculum. At this time, no required Critical Race Training is required of students, faculty, or staff:


  • Curriculum Changes and Requirements

    St. John's will "continue to develop and embed intellectual inquiry that will ensure that diversity, equity and inclusion are foundational aspects of our educational program." St. John's will ensure that classes have a DEI focus.

  • Anti-Racism, Bias, and Diversity Training

    In addition to incorporating "cultural proficiency, diversity, global awareness, and inclusivity into all facets of the K-12 curricula and co-curricular activities," St. John's will "create opportunities for board, faculty, staff, student, and parent development and community education initiatives in these areas."

  • Symbolic Actions

    On June 15, 2020, St. John's released a statement on Facebook stating, "We recognize that our entire community was devastated by the recent killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery."

  • Symbolic Actions

    On June 3, 2020, St. John's released a statement on Facebook stating, "In these turbulent and unsettling times, we as a leadership team and faculty stand resolute in our commitment to uphold the values and principles embedded in both the SJS Mission and SJS Statement on Community and Inclusion."

Critical Race Training Courses Offered

Last updated November 9th, 2021