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Stanford Online High School

Private K-12 School

Mailing Address
Academy Hall, Floor 2, 8853
415 Broadway
Redwood City, California 94063
(650) 721-9422
School Information
"The mission of Stanford Online High School is to create a worldwide learning community of diverse, intellectually passionate students and teachers. Through vibrant seminars, the rigorous curriculum challenges students to reason analytically, think creatively, and argue critically. Beyond the classroom, collaborative extracurricular activities cultivate lasting relationships among students and teachers. The school’s supportive environment fosters independence, strength of character, and a lifelong pursuit of knowledge." The school enrolls 880 students, has an average class size of 11 students, and offers over 80 courses. (Source: (Source:
General Information
Stanford Online High School has not implemented mandatory anti-racism programs. However, it does offer several courses, which may contain themes from critical theory.

Actions Taken

  • The school offers "Critical Theory and the Historical Imagination," which includes material by Karl Marx.
  • The school offers "Living in a Multicultural Society," which will "enable students to examine critically issues in society that relate to racial, ethnic, class, gender, and other cultural differences."
Symbolic Actions
  • On July 27, 2020, Stanford OHS released a statement on Facebook saying, “We support the fight against racism in all forms” with respect to curricular changes.
  • On June 1, 2020, Stanford OHS released a statement on Facebook stating that “black lives matter” and “even if we are physically separated, we stand with you in support and solidarity.”
Last updated July 26th, 2022
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