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Drexel University College of Medicine

Medical School

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2900 W Queen Ln
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19129
(215) 991-8100
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School Information
"Drexel University College of Medicine represents the consolidation of two venerable medical schools with rich and intertwined histories: Hahnemann Medical College and Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania. Established in 1848 and 1850, respectively, they were two of the earliest medical colleges in the United States, and Woman's was the first degree-granting medical school for women in the world. Today, with more than 1,100 medical students, Drexel University College of Medicine is educating 1 in every 80 medical students in the nation. Graduate students number nearly 900. There are almost 2,700 full-time, part-time and volunteer faculty." (Source:
General Information
"Working to implement changes that will help [the school] better live up to [its] anti-racist values", Drexel's College of Medicine hosts anti-racism workshops, provides scholarships for health equity research, and established a DEI committee, among other things, to promote its initiatives. All incoming medical students are required to participate in anti-racist training. See developments below:

Actions Taken

Anti-Racism, Bias, and Diversity Training
  • For the MD Program Class of 2024 orientation, Drexel included not only the typical introductions to medical school, but also activities that emphasized the anti-racist values of the College of Medicine. For example, students were required to watch and discuss the documentary “13th,” which is about mass incarceration and racism. Students also had a conversation about microaggressions after a presentation by Rita Guevara, MD, an assistant professor of pediatrics and assistant dean of diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • The College of Medicine's future antiracism module will be used for "incoming medical students’ orientation programming, in ongoing courses, and for faculty and professional staff antiracism training" at the college and its clinical partners. The module will also be used to "help enhance antiracism education for health professions students and in interprofessional programs in the College of Nursing and Health Professions."
  • It was announced by the College of Medicine that the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion “launched an anti-racism workshop series for residency program leaders at College of Medicine affiliate hospitals.”
Political Actions and Support for Anti-Racism
  • The College of Medicine made an announcement in 2020 that, “Shardé Johnson has been appointed interim director of the Center for Black Culture.” Furthermore, “The first floor of the Rush Building on 34th Street will be the home for the Center; renovation efforts on this space are now underway.”
  • Drexel’s College of Medicine will conduct an “independent review of the Drexel University Police Department.”
Program and Research Funding
  • The College of Medicine's Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion sponsors two scholars programs that support students conducting research in health equity and education over their four years of medical school.
  • In June of 2021, Drexel University College of Medicine faculty received $300,000 over the next three years to "spearhead creation of an online learning module on antiracism." The project is funded by the Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation, which aims to improve public health through advanced education and training for health care professionals.
  • The College of Medicine hosts the Dr. James A. Batts Student Fund, “which supports current medical students from underrepresented communities.”
Re-Imagining Policing
  • In June and July of 2020, Drexel declared that the university will no longer provide donations or sponsorships to the Philadelphia Police Foundation.
  • In September of 2020, the College of Medicine’s Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion launched an anti-racism workshop series for residency program leaders at College of Medicine-affiliate hospitals. The workshops assist participants in "[working] individually and collaboratively to create medical education environments that are free of racism, where diverse groups of physicians can thrive."
  • The College of Medicine has a Committee for Diversity & Inclusive Excellence that supports the College’s mission for "excellence in education, clinical practice and research innovation by promoting diversity, equity and inclusion." The committee meets with mentors, clinicians, educators, and experts within the medical field to advise the dean(s) on "processes, policies and implementation and evaluation issues."
  • The College of Medicine's urban health, education and research has 9 areas of focus: ethnicity and race, vulnerable populations, lifespan, sex and gender (LGBT), life condition, disease, lifestyle, geographical, and social issues.
  • The College of Medicine's Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion has a DEI Blog where it publishes articles about various DEI talks the college is hosting and health-related opinion pieces.
  • The College of Medicine has a page dedicated to Black Lives Matter, offering resources which include Ibram X. Kendi’s “Anti-Racist Reading List.”
Symbolic Actions
  • Drexel University College of Medicine has an anti-racism statement that says it is "working to implement changes that will help us better live up to our anti-racist values." The site also includes a list of anti-racism resources.
  • The College of Medicine stated that, as of 2020, it is “developing a campus-wide climate survey on the current state of the University and experiences with racism” which will be “updated regularly, so we are transparent about progress and areas of continuing concern as we work to dismantle racism at Drexel.”
  • In 2023, Drexel University’s College of Medicine is planning to host its annual Diversity Week programming throughout the month of February, including a number of diversity events.
  • On February 3, 2023, Drexel University’s College of Medicine plans to host the Social Justice Leadership Summit on the topic of “Good Trouble: Illuminating Anti-Racist Approaches to Educational Pathways.”
  • In the summer of 2023, the college published its response to the Supreme Court's decision regarding race-conscious admission policies and stated the following: "ELAM and ELH remain committed to creating a diverse and inclusive space where fellows can hone their leadership skills. While ELAM and ELH will follow the law, the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on affirmative action will not change our deep commitment to advancing diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. Diversity creates better, more effective teams and fosters creativity and critical thinking. Our patients fare better when care is provided by diverse teams. ELAM and ELH will continue to build a powerful community of leaders who are committed to the ideal that a culture of diversity, inclusion and belonging benefits all of us."
  • On May 10, 2023, Drexel the School of Medicine hosted the annual Diversity Dinner where “the Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion celebrated the achievements of graduating students.”
  • In response to the Derek Chauvin verdict, the College of Medicine committed to a goal to “create an open forum to discuss concerns – ensuring that all community members are empowered to address injustices in our spaces.”
  • On November 30, 2022, the school held an event for “Advancing DEIJ through Collaboration and Bravery.”
  • The College of Medicine hosts the Biomedical Graduate Students for Diversity group.
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