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Ponce Health Sciences University

Medical School

Mailing Address
388 Zona Industrial Reparada 2
Ponce, Puerto Rico 00716
(787) 840-2575
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School Information
"PHSU is a fully accredited health sciences university located in Ponce, Puerto Rico. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality graduate and undergraduate educational programs, including; medicine, clinical psychology, biomedical sciences, public health, and nursing. We prepare our students by delivering a world–class culturally competent curriculum that gives them the tools to serve growing and diverse patient populations across the United States. The PHSU Main campus is located in Ponce, Puerto Rico, with a second campus in St. Louis, Missouri, and a learning center in San Juan, Puerto Rico. PHSU is recognized globally for its educational quality, service to the community, and research achievements in partnership with the Ponce Research Institute. We have a total student enrolled for the Academic Year 2022–2023 of 1,700 across all programs and campuses." (Source:

Actions Taken

Curriculum Changes and Requirements
  • PHSU's Nursing Program curriculum includes a course titled "Inter-professional Perspective in Health Disparities."
  • The first two years of PHSU's medical curriculum "integrate longitudinal programs in Preventive and Community Medicine, Clinical Correlation (Problem-Based Learning), Geriatrics, Interprofessional Perspectives on Health Disparities, and Medical Ethics."
  • PHSU's course catalog includes "Interprofessional Perspectives in Health Disparities" which is described as follows: "This course is designed to provide a general overview of gaps in health outcomes associated with health disparities. A special emphasis will be given to the social determinants of health such as race/ethnicity, social class, socioeconomic status, sex, sexuality, nationality and migration status. The course will focus on the impact of health disparities’ impact at multiple system’s levels (e.g. Individual, patient-clinician, healthcare system, etc.)."
  • PHSU's Nursing Program seeks to "improve the health of diverse populations by providing academically rigorous, evidence-based nurse education in an inter-professional environment to prepare registered nurses who demonstrate excellence in nursing practice embracing equity and culturally effective care to patients, families, and communities..."
  • Students graduating from PHSU's nursing program are expected to "Evaluate the implications of policy on issues of access, equity, affordability, a social justice in healthcare delivery including the health of vulnerable populations and healthcare disparities."
  • The university's Diversity and Inclusion webpage states the following regarding the underrepresented in medicine: "Several racial and ethnic minority groups as well as people from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds are significantly underrepresented among health professionals in the United States. Underrepresented minority groups have traditionally included African-Americans, Mexican Americans, Native Americans, and mainland Puerto Ricans. Numerous public and private programs aim to remedy this underrepresentation by promoting the preparedness and resources available to minority and socioeconomically disadvantaged health professions candidates, and the admissions and retention of these candidates in the health professions pipeline and workforce."
Symbolic Actions
  • In response to the the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, the university published an open letter to its community which stated the following: "Ponce Health Sciences University stands in solidarity with Black students, faculty, staff, alumni, and all Americans and global voices in condemning these despicable racial injustices and mindless acts of violence. As an institution, we are dedicated to protecting fairness, diversity and justice. This includes equal access to health care and health education for every person."
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