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Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

Medical School

Mailing Address
3601 4th Street
Lubbock, Texas 79430
(806) 414-9608
School Information
"TTUHSC educates students, provides patient care and conducts biomedical and clinical research. We graduate the most health care professionals in the state of Texas. Nationally recognized for innovative programs, academic achievement, and our cutting-edge research, we are training the next generation of highly qualified health professionals. To date we have trained more than 28,000 health care professionals who are serving patients and driving medical discovery in tangible, life-changing ways – both for the 2.75 million people in our immediate service area and around the world" (Source: Founded in 1969, TTUHSC consists of six schools.
General Information
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center has engaged in several anti-racism efforts. This includes goals made to revise the curriculum in order to incorporate concepts of health disparities. Furthermore, anti-racism and discrimination reports will be able to be reported directly to their newly created reporting system. Research is encouraged within the realm of bias in health and medicine. See developments below:

Actions Taken

Curriculum Changes and Requirements
  • The school plans to "incorporate course materials on health disparities for all trainees and faculty."
  • The school offers a page database dedicated to providing anti-racism resources.
Symbolic Actions
  • On May 12, 2021, TTUHSC El Paso released an Anti-Racism and Racial Justice Statement. The school will "update the TTUHSC El Paso to include the Council on Diversity and Inclusion that will promote a sustainable culture of racial inclusivity and racial equity in the institution."
  • The school announced that it will "create an anonymous reporting mechanism by which patients, students, residents, staff, and faculty can report acts of racism and/or discrimination."
  • The school will "encourage research collaborations focused on addressing health disparities along our border and beyond."
Last updated November 20th, 2022
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