A pitched battle has ensued for many years between university forces in favor of CRT and legislators opposed to it. Several laws have passed trying to curtail elements of DEI from advancing on campus, with mixed success. See https://criticalrace.org/schools/?state=oklahoma for details on the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University. Oklahoma passed a law earlier this year banning CRT from elementary education. 

Higher Education

Oklahoma Governor Signs Bill Banning ‘Free Speech Zones’ From Public Campuses

“Any person who wishes to engage in noncommercial expressive activity on campus shall be permitted to do so freely”

  1. of Oklahoma Instructors Receive Training on How to Censor, Indoctrinate Students

“raises alarm bells about the state of free expression and freedom of conscience at Oklahoma’s flagship university”

  1. Oklahoma Refuses to End Compelled Speech in Mandatory Diversity Training for Staff

“required trainees to acknowledge their agreements with the university’s approved political viewpoints”

  1. Oklahoma to Cut Senior Capstone Experience and Replace With Mandatory Diversity Class

“department chairs objected to the move primarily on procedural grounds”

Primary Education 

Oklahoma Gov. Stitt Signs Bill Banning Critical Race Theory From Public Schools

No, the bill does not ban you from teaching certain parts of history. The bill says that “no teacher shall require or make part of a course that one race or sex is inherently superior to another race or sex.”