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Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College

Undergraduate School

Mailing Address
2802 Moore Highway
Tifton, Georgia 31793
(229) 391-5000
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School Information
"Since 1908, Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College has provided unique, hands-on learning opportunities for students as the South’s premier destination for Agricultural studies. Our offerings have grown a great deal since our founding, now including a wide range of more traditional 4-year degrees and paths to success including a highly sought after nursing program, innovative arts and science tracks, and an ever-growing list of learning opportunities and majors for our students. A member of the 26-member University System of Georgia, ABAC is proud to support enrollment of over 4,000 students from 155 of Georgia’s 159 counties, 18 states, and 24 countries" (Source: ABAC has a student to faculty ratio of 18 to 1 and offers 12 Bachelor's degrees.
General Information
ABAC offers programs surrounding multicultural education. The college also founded a Diversity Committee. At this time, no mandatory Critical Race Training is required. However, see developments below:

Actions Taken

Curriculum Changes and Requirements
  • The College's Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice is an online degree program which offers a "Social Justice Concentration" as part of the program. The concentration is described as follows: "Courses in the social justice degree concentration in the criminal justice degree program will provide appropriate frameworks and tools to assist students in analyzing complex issues and promoting social change. A concentration in social justice will prepare students to be the leaders of a paradigm shift and promote social equity change in law enforcement, the judicial system, the healthcare industry, and economics."
Program and Research Funding
  • The Office of Multicultural Educational Programs offers programs such as the College Assistance Migrant Program, the Migrant Education Program Consortium, and the Goizueta Scholarship.
  • The "intent" college's Goizueta Scholarship is to "fully support the cost of an academic year, which includes unfunded tuition, fees, books, and other expenses related to the cost of education to the extent available funds allow. Applicants "Must be Hispanic/Latino Students" and "may apply regardless of residency status."
Symbolic Actions
  • ABAC states that diversity and inclusion are important to the college's goals and that "this institution has a standing Diversity Committee."
Last updated August 29th, 2023
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