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Bethel College

Undergraduate School

Mailing Address
300 Easy 27th Street
North Newton, Kansas 67117
(316) 284-5230
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School Information
"Bethel College is a four-year, private, primarily residential, liberal arts college. Students may participate in campus spiritual life, fine arts activities, sports and more than 50 clubs and organizations. With more than 500 students from a rich diversity of backgrounds who call themselves Threshers, Bethel College is a fun place to live, learn and work. Consistently ranked and praised by leading national college guides, Bethel educates leaders through faith and learning, building its programs on four central values: discipleship, scholarship, service and integrity. Distinctive to a Bethel education are opportunities for experiential learning, study abroad and the Common Ground curriculum experienced by all Bethel students. Bethel’s graduation rate exceeds national norms and Bethel is one of only a handful of colleges across the nation to offer a 4-Year Graduation Guarantee. As the oldest Mennonite college in North America, Bethel offers a welcoming community in which to explore choices and determine life commitments without requiring a particular religious perspective" (Source: Founded in 1887, Bethel offers 43 areas of study. Its student to faculty ratio is 10 to 1.
General Information
Bethel has responded to the death of George Floyd with a letter outlining the school's solidarity. Bethel has held a couple events on the subject of diversity. A few courses that incorporate diversity are offered. At this time, no mandatory Critical Race Theory is required of students. However, see developments below:

Actions Taken

Political Actions and Support for Anti-Racism
  • The Kansas Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution (KIPCOR) is affiliated with Bethel College, and its director spoke at two different presentations for "Walking the Talk: Practicing Restorative Justice and Anti-Racism" and "Pursuing Racial Justice and Inclusivity through Engagement" at the University of Minnesota and the International Association for Conflict Management 33rd Annual Conference, respectively.
Program and Research Funding
  • Bethel offers scholarships for students who engage in diversity.
  • In August of 2022, Bethel launched the "George Floyd Scholarship", which serves to "acknowledge the many similar injustices that have taken place throughout history," and make a Bethel education more accessible to students who face "unique barriers to higher education."
  • Bethel's Mennonite Racial/Ethnic Grant ($3,000 "renewable grant") is awarded to "students affiliated with Mennonite Church USA congregations who bring ethnic and cultural diversity."
  • Bethel's "Peace, Justice & Conflict Studies" program prepares students to "work in relief, development or peace and social justice efforts in the United States or abroad, with church, community, government and other organizations, as well as for graduate study in related fields." The program includes a course titled "Structural and Cultural Violence."
  • Bethel has a Diversity Council and a Multicultural Student Union.
  • On February 23, 2023, Bethel News reported that its faculty would participate in a national social justice symposium. The March 2023 conference explored "how social and racial issues impact employment, health and the health-care system, the environment, mental health, spirituality, the justice system, corporate responsibility and youth advocacy."
Symbolic Actions
  • On June 2, 2020, Bethel released a statement in response to the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor, stating, "We share the pain and suffering of people of color whose lives have been forever changed by unnecessary acts of violence and police brutality." Bethel announced that it will hold an "Hour of Prayer for Racial Justice" and a virtual forum on "how to be an ally and accomplice for black people and for systemic change."
  • In June of 2020, Bethel College President Jon C. Gering announced that the Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI)'s new name would include the word “Equity” (ODEI).
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