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California Coast University

Undergraduate School

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925 N. Spurgeon St.
Santa Ana, California 92701
(888) 228-8648
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School Information
"California Coast University has been a pioneer in distance learning since its founding in 1973. CCU has consistently met the needs of professional men and women whose geographic, professional, or personal time limitations kept them from completing their education at a traditional brick and mortar school. We pride ourselves on quality, affordability, and flexibility for our students" (Source: The university offers numerous online degree programs in various fields, offering a wide array of specializations.
General Information
California Coast University has been renovating its course offerings for the 2021 school year to reflect its desire to involve students in the programs for the Master's of Education and Master's of Criminal Justice with curriculum designed to teach about multicultural topics. Though these subjects are not explicitly categorized as Critical Race Training courses, these changes reflect the university's commitment to teaching these issues especially to future educators. No mandatory Critical Race Training sessions are yet required of students. However, see developments below:

Actions Taken

Curriculum Changes and Requirements
  • The Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership requires Edu 629 among one of its core courses. This course calls upon students to "Define diversity and diversity consciousness and examine why developing diversity skills is important."
  • The Master's of Education in Curriculum and Instruction on requires Edu 548 Global Perspectives in Curriculum. This course teaches "diversity theory, history, and social science in order to provide a more inclusive and comprehensive look at what multicultural education is—and could be—in the United States."
Last updated July 26th, 2022
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