Critical Race Training in Education

Carthage College


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Kenosha, Wisconsin 53140
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School Information
"Founded in 1847, Carthage is located on the beautiful shore of Lake Michigan in Kenosha, Wisconsin, midway between Chicago and Milwaukee. Widely recognized for excellence, Carthage provides students with rare access to opportunities and facilities that cultivate the dynamic skills they need for life in a changing world." The college enrolls over 2,600 students, has a 13:1 student-faculty ratio, and has over fifty undergraduate majors and minors. (Source:
General Information
The college has taken steps to change its curriculum. Carthage College has required a "race history" course in order for students to graduate. The exact contents of the course are not yet known, particularly if the course contained elements of C.R.T. See developments below:


  • Curriculum Changes and Requirements

    Students are required to take a class on US race history in order to graduate.

  • Program and Research Funding

    The college has received more than $500,000 in donations to fund "diversity and equity" initiatives, including $412,000 for "intercultural programs".

  • Resources

    In the third round of the "Anti-Racist Reading Group", students, faculty, and staff were encouraged to listen to the "1619 Project".

Last updated July 31st, 2021