Critical Race Training in Education

Clayton State University


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"As universities go, Clayton State is young. That may be why we understand dreams so well. On this campus and in our classes, we see the dreams and hopes of past generations becoming our day-to-day reality. Each year, since first opening our doors in 1969, we build on those new realities, supporting dream after dream with resources, facilities, an encouraging community, and traditions that unite us under a banner of Laker pride" (Source: The university features over 200 full time faculty members and a total enrollment of over 7,000 students. 35 undergraduate, 8 graduate, and 6 associate degree programs are offered. The school's student to faculty ratio weighs in at 19 to 1.
General Information
Clayton State's Department of Social Sciences has taken several steps to incorporate DEI initiatives. In addition, a few courses offered discuss the concepts of diversity. At this time, no campus wide Critical Race Training is mandated. However, see developments below:


  • Symbolic Actions

    On June 4, 2020, CSU highlighted a podcast where a faculty member discussed "systemic racism and its effect on African-Americans."

  • Anti-Racism, Bias, and Diversity Training

    The Department of Social Sciences made a commitment to DEI and outlined various initiatives it plans on enacting. One such initiative is "encouraging faculty and staff participation in professional development opportunities related to diversity, equity, and inclusion."

  • Curriculum Changes and Requirements

    The Department of Social Sciences commits to "integrating content in curriculum and courses to address issues related to diversity, inclusion, equity, and justice."

  • Faculty/Staff Requirements

    The Department of Social Sciences commits to "partnering with Human Resources to educate search committee members on inclusive and equitable hiring practices."

  • Resources

    Clayton State offers several "Multicultural Programs" which "advocate and support the needs of underrepresented student populations; educate the campus about diversity and social issues; and prepare the campus community for global leadership and citizenship."

Last updated January 8th, 2022