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College of DuPage

Undergraduate School

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425 Fawell Blvd.
Glen Ellyn, Illinois 60137
(630) 942-2800
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School Information
"Since its inception in 1967, College of DuPage has matured into something very special. It's a community college with far-reaching impact. We're firmly rooted in the community that provides our mandate, yet committed to reflecting the needs and demands of an ever-changing world. "From our faculty through to our Board of Trustees, we understand the importance of remaining relevant on multiple levels: interpersonal, academic, civic, cultural and economic. With a steady eye on regional, national and international developments, College of DuPage fulfills its mission as an educational and economic agent of change for the residents it serves. "Beyond all other considerations, though, we are educators, devoted to the idea that knowledge is transformative. We believe there are few things more powerful than a mind engaged. We are excited by the possibilities ignited when knowledge is imparted through meaningful discourse, in the service of realizing each and every one of our community member's full potential. "We invite you to find out more about the world-class institution available to you and your family, right here at home." The college enrolls over 23,000 students, employs over 300 faculty, and offers over 90 certificate/degree programs. (Source: (Source: (Source:
General Information
As part of its initiative, the College of DuPage started its "Pathways Equity and Access Team". Another part of the initiative is supporting programming such as "Uncomfortable Conversations", which ran in 2020. It is unclear whether these programs contained explicit references to C.R.T. No mandatory Critical Race Training sessions are yet required of students. However, see developments below:

Actions Taken

  • The college promoted initiatives such as the "Uncomfortable Conversations", which were held in 2020.
Symbolic Actions
Last updated July 26th, 2022
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