Critical Race Training in Education

Colorado College


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"Welcome to intensive learning that expands through and beyond the Rocky Mountain West—an exceptional location where adventure threads into each day. Welcome to the Block Plan, where you’ll take one class at a time for 3 ½ weeks...Welcome to block breaks: four days to relax...Welcome to a vibrant community—a community of around 2,000 students eager to communicate, debate, defend, think, and engage...Welcome to 32 blocks of curiosity, adventure, and imagination—to the moment for unearthing your passions, exploring and understanding the world, and your individual growth...Welcome to Colorado College. Enjoy the ride." (Source:
General Information
Colorado College has changed its curriculum to fit its anti-racist objectives. The college has implemented new curriculum requirements, which would replace the current Western intellectual tradition requirements. Additionally, it has received a sizeable donation to fund various "anti-racist" initiatives. See developments below:

Critical Race Training Activity

  • Curriculum Changes and Requirements

    “West in Time” curriculum requirement will be replaced by a two-block “Equity and Power” requirement.

  • Program and Research Funding

    College received $575,000 from the Sachs Foundation to forward College's "antiracist initiative".

Last updated June 29th, 2021