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Curry College

Undergraduate School

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1071 Blue Hill Avenue
Milton, Massachusetts 02186
(617) 333-0500
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School Information
"Many colleges look the same, but not all colleges are the same, and Curry College is distinct and special for a number of reasons. The focus we provide on personal attention and experiential learning are not just things we do, but attributes at which we excel, in a way that sets Curry apart from other colleges." The college has a 12:1 student-faculty ratio and over 87 majors, minors, and concentrations. (Source: (Source:
General Information
Curry College has not yet taken steps to implement college-wide antiracism training or mandatory critical race theory classes. However, in a symbolic step, the college has replaced its antiquated colonel mascot to support its mission of diversity and inclusion. No mandatory Critical Race Training sessions are yet required of students. However, see developments below:

Actions Taken

Admissions Policies
  • The Office of Diversity and Inclusion at Curry College "works to increase diversity representation among students, faculty and staff while ensuring that all members have an equal opportunity to participate in and contribute to the Curry community."
  • The new Curry College Diversity Center is one of many reimagined campus spaces to support and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • As part of the college‚Äôs Strategic Plan: Vision in Action, there are numerous initiatives and a direction for the school to promote, attract, and support equity, inclusion, and diversity.
  • Curry College offers a minor in Critical Inequality Studies which studies the systems of oppression and inequality and promotes strategies to address inequality and create social change.
Symbolic Actions
  • College is retiring its old mascot because of the college's commitment to diversity and inclusion.
Last updated October 5th, 2023
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