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Dallas Baptist University

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3000 Mountain Creek Pkwy
Dallas , Texas 75211
(214) 333-7100
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School Information
DBU is a Christ-centered institution with a mission to produce servant leaders who will find ways to transform their world, regardless of their vocational calling. The University offers 68 undergraduate, 23 master's, and two doctoral programs, as well as a variety of dual-degree and certificate graduate programs, available both on campus or online.
General Information
Leaders at Dallas Baptist University have issued symbolic statements emphasizing the importance of race. On behalf of DBU, one professor recommended DEI-related books and workshops on white privilege. The president promised to create more diversity events in the future. See below for more developments.

Actions Taken

  • President Adam C. Wright issued a statement after the death of George Floyd promising to "integrate diversity in our strategic planning programs, with events designed to cultivate collaboration amongst all our stakeholders..." He stressed DBU's "active role in creating safe spaces on our campus..."
  • In a February 25, 2021 DBU News article, Assistant Professor of Higher Education Tish Hearne wrote the following on the topic of diversity in the curriculum: "Diversifying the curriculum celebrates the extraordinary efforts of often-overlooked Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and other people of color in various fields of study. Teaching through the lens of diversity provides a unique opportunity to affirm all students' nuanced experiences. Furthermore, curricula that creatively acknowledges the cultural and social constructs in which systems, industries, and institutions are formed help normalize difficult conversations surrounding race and cultural differences."
  • On May 5, 2022, DBU News reported on a lecture given by Dr. Vincent Bacote which focused on the topic of race. Dr. Bacote stated the following: "'Racism is one way that people violate the two greatest commandments: to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength and to love our neighbors. It violates the former by elevating the characteristics of a particular group and making it an object of worship or an idol. It violates the latter because it elevates self over others'..."
  • On February 6, 2023, Dr. Marcus Goodloe published an article titled "Chaos or Community" in which he compares current racial struggles with those of Martin Luther King's day. Dr. Goodloe summarizes this as follows: "Yet, acts of racism are now synonymous with places and names: a church in Charleston, South Carolina; a rally in Charlottesville; a grocery store in Buffalo, New York; the streets of Minneapolis, Minnesota. We know the names of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Eric Garner, Walter Scott, and Tamir Rice—not for how they lived but for how they died and the aftermath of their deaths. These are the contemporary dark chapters in America’s story of racism."
Symbolic Actions
  • Marcus Goodloe, Senior Fellow for Ethics and Justice Institute for Global Engagement at Dallas Baptist University, published a letter to the DBU community after the death of George Floyd saying "Racism is a system." He also recommended attending workshops such as "Whites Confronting Racism," "European Dissent," and the "White Privilege Conference."
  • President Adam C. Wright issued a statement after the death of George Floyd. He wrote, "I thought deeply about the significance of race in our society and how it shapes how we define our goals, our work, and our imperatives. I realized how my racial position affects the lens through which I perceive the world and engage my role as a leader of both those who share my worldview and those who may not."
  • Dr. Blake Killingsworth, Vice President for Communications and adjunct professor in U.S. History, Church History, and Leadership, released a statement on Independence Day stressing that "Sadly, our country is still far from the ideal image of what the United States could be." He added, "How Unreal is it that we have to remind ourselves that black lives matter..."
Last updated October 5th, 2023
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