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Emmanuel University

Undergraduate School

Mailing Address
181 Spring St.
PO Box 129
Franklin Springs, Georgia 30639
(800) 860-8800
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School Information
"Emmanuel University is a private, Christian university with an Evangelical, Pentecostal foundation. Committed to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Founded in 1919 by the International Pentecostal Holiness Church." (Source: The university's total undergraduate enrollment approaches 900 students. Its student to faculty ratio is 16 to 1. Furthermore, 25 undergraduate degrees, 18 majors, and 17 fields of study are offered.
General Information
Emmanuel hosts an Office of Equity and Compliance. Emmanuel College has not recently engaged in any anti-racism initiatives. At this time, no mandatory Critical Race Training is being implemented. See developments below:

Actions Taken

Anti-Racism, Bias, and Diversity Training
  • The purpose of the college's Cultural Awareness Program is to "help those who attend learn the value of discovering insights from listening to and reflecting upon a diversity of cultural expressions." The college requires students to "attend at least three CAP events per each year of full-time enrollment."
  • Emmanuel has an Office of Equity and Compliance which ensures that "our commitment to equity and compliance is demonstrated through our efforts to promote equal opportunity, diversity, accessibility, and to foster a welcoming educational and workplace environment that is free from all forms of discrimination."
Last updated October 17th, 2023
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