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Hillsdale College

Undergraduate School

Mailing Address
33 E College St.
Hillsdale, Michigan 49242
(517) 607-2327
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School Information
"Hillsdale is a selective, coeducational college of liberal arts for approximately 1,400 students. Fully accredited, it graduates students with the degree of bachelor of arts or bachelor of science and prepares them for graduate study, for professional schools, for teaching, and for many vocational and cultural pursuits. Hillsdale’s founders opened the doors to all, regardless of race or religion, in 1844. It was the first college in Michigan, and the second in the United States, to admit women on par with men. Its cosmopolitan student body is assembled from homes in forty-seven states and eight foreign countries" (Source: Hillsdale features a student to faculty ratio of 9 to 1, offering 39 undergraduate degrees within 30 majors and 14 fields of study.
General Information
Hillsdale has taken actions to directly fight against CRT. Specifically, the school launched its 1776 Commission, which is intended to fight race-based historical narratives. At this time, no Critical Race Training is being implemented. See developments below:

Actions Taken

  • Several members of Hillsdale College's administration were part of the 1776 Commission and its resulting 1776 Report that pushed back against race-centric historical narratives.
  • On March 30, 2021, Hillsdale featured a lecture on the topic of "Critical Race Theory: What It Is and How to Fight It."
  • Hillsdale's June/July 2022 newsletter "Imprimis" published an article titled "The Rise of Wokeness in the Military" which stated the following: "Wokeness in the military is being imposed by elected and appointed leaders in the White House, Congress, and the Pentagon who have little understanding of the purpose, character, traditions, and requirements of the institution they are trying to change. The push for it didn’t begin in the last two years under the Biden administration—nor will it automatically end if a non-woke administration is elected in 2024. Wokeness in the military has become ingrained. And unless the policies that flow from it are illegal or directly jeopardize readiness, senior military leaders have little alternative but to comply.
  • Hillsdale's Mission Statement reads in part as follows: "The College values the merit of each unique individual, rather than succumbing to the dehumanizing, discriminatory trend of so-called 'social justice' and 'multicultural diversity,' which judges individuals not as individuals, but as members of a group and which pits one group against other competing groups in divisive power struggles."
Last updated November 9th, 2023
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