Critical Race Training in Education

McNeese State University


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"McNeese State University was established by the Louisiana Legislature in 1939, with the opening fall session beginning on September 11, 1939. The institution was first named the Lake Charles Junior College and was a division of Louisiana State University. The following fall, the school changed its name to John McNeese Junior College to honor John McNeese, a renowned Southwest Louisiana educator and the first superintendent of schools in Imperial Calcasieu Parish. In 1950, McNeese became a four-year college in its own right and came under the authority of the Louisiana Board of Education. Finally, in 1970, McNeese State University became the official name of the school" (Source: The total undergraduate enrollment is over 6,500 students. There are over 100 undergraduate academic programs and 36 graduate programs offered. McNeese's student to faculty ratio is 21 to 1.
General Information
MSU has enacted numerous diversity initiatives, including the creation of a strategic plan for DEI. MSU recently appointed a new Director of Inclusive Excellence Office, in addition to highlighted its dean of students who won an award for inclusion. Diversity training is a required for staff for search and screening. Other training for diversity will soon be established. See developments below:


  • Resources

    MSU has an Office of Inclusive Excellence which seeks to "establish a strategic plan of operation for cultivating a campus culture that embraces diversity, enables inclusion, and provides equity to all campus constituents."

  • Program and Research Funding

    MSU recently named a new Director of Inclusive Excellence Office.

  • Faculty/Staff Requirements

    In 2018-2019, MSU "introduced DiversityEdu mandatory training to reduce unconscious bias in the search committee screening."

  • Anti-Racism, Bias, and Diversity Training

    MSU made a commitment to "provide training opportunities and outreach activities to campus units and external groups that promote diversity."

  • Symbolic Actions

    McNeese recently highlighted a professor who will be joining the National Diversity Task Force.

  • Symbolic Actions

    MSU has a committee for Diversity and Equity Initiatives.

  • Symbolic Actions

    In 2020, MSU released a letter responding to the death of George Floyd, highlighting the school's commitment to anti-racism and diversity.

  • Symbolic Actions

    MSU's dean of students received the James Caillier Innovation and Inclusion Award from the University of Louisiana System, as announced on July 19, 2021.

Last updated November 29th, 2021