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New Mexico Tech

Undergraduate School

Mailing Address
801 Leroy Pl
Socorro, New Mexico 87801
(575) 835-5434
School Information
New Mexico Tech [officially, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology] was originally founded in 1889 as the New Mexico School of Mines. Over the years, our mission has expanded, and we are now an outstanding research university, specializing in areas of science, engineering, and related fields. New Mexico Tech is a world leader in many areas of research, including hydrology, astrophysics, atmospheric physics, geophysics, homeland security, information technology, geosciences, energetic materials engineering, and petroleum recovery. Renowned for its undergraduate and graduate educational opportunities, Tech offers over 30 bachelor of science degrees in mathematics, the sciences, engineering, management, and technical communication, as well as graduate degrees in areas of specialization through the doctoral level. It is widely considered one of the best small technical schools in the US for many areas of science, engineering, and computer science.
General Information
New Mexico Tech has expressed written support for diversity, equity, and inclusion. The school has not implemented any policies to this end. There is no evidence it requires critical race theory-related training for its students or faculty.

Actions Taken

  • NMT provides "People of Color Resources" as well as advice for white students to become an "ally."
  • New Mexico Tech provides a number of resources on anti-racism, implicit bias, microaggressions, how white people can become allies, ending white silence, equity, and racial justice.
  • As part of NMT’s DEI Objectives under the Strategic Plan 2027, the school is dedicated to promoting and advocating for diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice.
  • The Division of Student Life at New Mexico Tech promotes a campus environment focused on diversity, equity, and a racially inclusive space.
  • The Mission, Vision, and Values of New Mexico Tech are to be an “inclusive community” that “educates a diverse student body” with a focus on equitable and inclusive “achievement of DEI excellence.”
Symbolic Actions
  • Peter Phaiah, Acting Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students, issued a statement vowing to foster an "appreciation of the benefits of diversity, equity, and inclusion."
  • At the Climate Change Symposium in April 2021, Dr. Kartik Sheth, a "pioneer in the field of diversity, equity and inclusion," assisted in a seminar called "The Intersection of Climate Change, Economic Disparities and Social Justice: How to Create a More Inclusive, Diverse and Equitable World?"
  • The Office of Housing & Residential Life's diversity statement reads claims it is "committed to establishing an inclusive and equitable residential experience that supports and celebrates every student within our communities."
Last updated November 8th, 2023
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