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North Central College

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30 N Brainard St
Naperville, Illinois 60540
(630) 637-5100
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"Since 1861, North Central has been a place where new ideas lead to unlimited possibilities. We’re an independent college dedicated to the power of the liberal arts and sciences to transform students into leaders both in their careers and communities. Our nearly 3,000 students study across more than 65 undergraduate and graduate programs, with their education made richer by supportive faculty and staff, world-class facilities and countless opportunities to learn beyond the classroom." The college also employs over 180 faculty. (Source:
General Information
North Central College has provided resources on Critical Race Theory for its students. In particular, the college has hosted its "Virtual Vision Day", which featured talks titled, "Allyship to advocacy to activism: A student led discussion on turning ideas into action", "Silence is not an option: Using interrupter phrases to promote anti-racism", and "Moving beyond solidarity and toward anti-racism in STEM", among others. New first-year and transfer students are required to take two Diversity and Inclusion courses, as well as a U.S. Power Structures Course. See developments below:

Actions Taken

Anti-Racism, Bias, and Diversity Training
  • "All incoming students, whether first-year students or transfer students, are required to participate in two diversity and inclusion workshops (one each semester) delivered by the Office of Multicultural Affairs. In addition, instructors of all first-year and transfer seminars choose an event or workshop that their students are required to attend. As of fall 2020, the faculty is having conversations about whether to require instructors to choose only from those events or workshops that speak to issues of diversity and inclusion...All students are required to fulfill three Mission requirements (so named because they link directly to the College mission), each of which speaks to issues of diversity and inclusion: U.S. Power Structures courses focus explicitly on inequality in the United States; Global Understanding courses expose students to diverse cultures and power inequalities among nations; and Ethical Dimensions courses ask students to learn about diverse ethical traditions and practices."
  • The college hosted its "Virtual Vision Day" "to engage the campus community in conversation about race, anti-racism, equity and inclusion."
  • The Race and Ethnic Studies minor at North Central College enables students to learn and think critically about race and ethnicity as sites of power and resistance in the United States with a focus on social justice.
  • On September 15, 2023, the NCC athletic department announced its partnership with RISE to Win, a national DEI nonprofit, to provide workshops and promote diversity and racial equity.
  • The Inclusion Team (IT) at North Central College Athletics Department is made up of student athletes and staff that serve efforts towards the college’s diversity, equity, and inclusion initiative.
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