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University of Notre Dame

Undergraduate School

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220 Main Ave
Notre Dame, Indiana 46556
(574) 631-5000
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School Information
"Notre Dame is a leading American research university that offers undergraduate, professional, and graduate students a chance to pursue their academic endeavors in a unique scholarly community. Enriched by Catholic intellectual and cultural traditions, it is a place that throughout its history has sought to bring knowledge into service of justice...Today undergraduates at Notre Dame pursue those inquiries in the varied majors, minors and programs, offered by Arts and Letters, Business, Science, Engineering, Architecture, and Global Affairs...Professional degree candidates in Law, Business, and Architecture at Notre Dame find academic rigor, liberating discoveries in classrooms and studios, and skilled mentoring by accomplished practitioners." (Source:
General Information
The University of Notre Dame has announced that its cultural competency requirement will be "enhanced", although the university has not yet made clear if changes to the curriculum will occur. Additionally, the Klau Center for Civil and Human Rights will be offering an optional course titled “Building an Anti-Racist Vocabulary”. It is not yet clear whether the enhancement of the requirement will involve implementation of C.R.T. See developments below:

Actions Taken

Curriculum Changes and Requirements
Program and Research Funding
  • The university launched the "Initiative on Race and Resilience" focused on "the redress of systemic racism and the support of communities of color both within and beyond the Notre Dame campus"
  • Klau Center for Civil and Human Rights will be offering a course titled “Building an Anti-Racist Vocabulary”.
  • Notre Dame says that "antiracist pedagogy is essential for instructors who wish to dismantle these systems and to educate the next generation of change agents." Resources the university provides to encourage antiracist teaching include: Introduction to Antiracist Pedagogy, Effective Teaching is Antiracist Teaching, Decolonizing the Curriculum, and LibGuide on Antiracism.
  • The Klau Institute for Civil & Human Rights houses the International Race and Rights Lab, which approaches the right to racial equality from an international perspective.
  • The College of Arts and Letters Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee (DEIC) was established in the fall of 2020. DEIC "promotes an inclusive and equitable climate; facilitates the recruitment, retention, and development of a flourishing diverse community; and sustains and champions innovative and inclusive scholarship and teaching."
Symbolic Actions
  • Murals of Christopher Columbus were covered.
  • In celebration of Juneteenth, Notre Dame President Jenkins released a university statement in which he encourages the school community to "expose and challenge" "institutionalized structures of sin that foster racist attitudes and practices." He says that "Notre Dame is and must be anti-racist" and justifies this using Catholic teaching.
  • Notre Dame conducts an annual Inclusive Campus Survey, in which the report assesses the overall climate on campus related to diversity and inclusion. The survey instrument is developed by the Division of Student Affairs in partnership with the Office of Strategic Planning & Institutional Research (OSPIR) and in consultation with numerous students, faculty, and staff.
  • On Jan 10, 2023, Georgia Tech anounced that Dr. Keona Lewis would be named as the new Assistant Provost for Academic Diversity and Inclusion at Notre Dame.
  • On February 9, 2023, Notre Dame posted on Twitter "During #NDWalktheWalk Week, we asked members of the Notre Dame community, “What can you do to make Notre Dame a more diverse and inclusive community?” Fr. Gerry Olinger, C.S.C. is going to engage with and listen to our students more, especially underrepresented voices."
Last updated September 16th, 2023
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