Critical Race Training in Education

Southern Oregon University


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SOU provides career-focused, comprehensive educational experiences to over 6,200 students. Along with an emphasis on student success and intellectual growth, SOU is committed to diversity, inclusion and sustainability. Theoretical and experiential learning programs provide quality, innovative experiences for students. At SOU, students build strong community connections through internships, mentorships, field studies, capstone projects, volunteer opportunities and civic engagement.
General Information
Southern Oregon has not yet implemented required CRT training. However, the university has convened a task force to implement required training for all faculty, staff, and students, and to insert CRT into curriculum. See details below.


  • Anti-Racism, Bias, and Diversity Training

    The Academic and Student Affairs Committee has met several times over the past year to discuss "1) emphasizing equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) work within academic affairs and tying Strategic Direction I (transforming curriculum and pedagogy); and 2) improving enrollment,retention and access for underrepresented students. Regarding the first goal, they are looking inward on what is being done to promote EDI work, looking at actions and values with regard to systemic racism and related issues. Dr. Walsh provided highlights on the work of various divisions on EDI issues, including 2the integration of EDI into the curriculum; providing anti-racist education;curating lists of resources to share;participating in workshops and trainings; creatinga strategic fund to purchase materials focused on racial diversity; and working with Orbis Cascade Alliance to replace certain Library of Congress subject headings (e.g., illegal aliens and undocumented immigrants)."

  • Resources

    Diversity Scholarship – Up to $5,000/yr. Available to Oregon & Out-of-State residents. Awarded to students whose ethnic and cultural backgrounds and/or experiences contribute to the University’s diversity.

  • Anti-Racism, Bias, and Diversity Training

    The university has committed to the following goals by 2021: 1. Lead the university’s efforts to meet state cultural competency requirements by December 2020. 2. Identify and employ continuing training opportunities for our campus that provide a foundation for our future work, including intersectional implicit bias training, professional development opportunities for our staff, and culturally responsive teaching practices for our faculty. 3. Use the results of SOU’s 2020 campus climate survey to begin a dialogue about creating an Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity Plan for our campus. The goals of the plan will be to initiate systemic changes in our policies and instill accountability for the institution.

Last updated May 15th, 2022