Critical Race Training in Education

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"From your first steps on campus, you’ll feel the spirit of Cortland. It’s an energy that extends from the classroom to competition to the community. SUNY Cortland stands out as one of New York’s top public universities — a medium-sized school that offers academic strength across 68 majors, a high quality of student life and a degree that pays back graduates. Reputations in teacher education and health-related majors laid the foundation for exciting new programs related to business, natural sciences, the arts and specialized professional fields. Our students, faculty and staff members are invested in the world around them. Whether it’s a class assignment, independent research or a passion project, Red Dragons look to make a difference. We hope you’ll see it for yourself. Learn more about our active student clubs. Taste the food in our dining halls. Meet people who will change your life. And discover what we mean by being all in." (Source:
General Information
In addition to forming the President's Council on Inclusive Excellence and providing BLM resources as part of its anti-racist resources, SUNY Cortland has expanding its financial support for anti-racist research. The university's $2,000 ImPACt civic engagement scholarship will now reward "antiracist work" among other initiatives. No mandatory Critical Race Training sessions are yet required of students. However, see developments below:


  • Anti-Racism, Bias, and Diversity Training

    Faculty members of the President’s Council on Inclusive Excellence attended three training workshops with the Black Lives and Liberation Forum.

  • Political Actions and Support for Anti-Racism

    University lists Black Lives Matter and website of Ibram X. Kendi as part of anti-racist resources.

  • Resources

    Global Literacy Conference will feature sessions on anti-racist online literacy teaching.

  • Program and Research Funding

    $2,000 ImPACt civic engagement scholarship rewards "antiracist work" among other initiatives.

  • Resources

    "All members of the campus community are invited to take part in the 21-day anti-racism challenge to in part foster awareness, compassion and understanding".

  • Resources

    University's Black History Month programming includes seminars titled “Eastern Europe, Anti-Black Racism and the Unfinished Project of Decolonization” and “The Scramble for Anti-racist College Campuses: Rethinking Strategies for Racial Justice in the American Polity."

Last updated February 13th, 2021