Critical Race Training in Education

Tulane University


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"But we’re hardly an ivory-tower, view-from-40,000-feet kind of place. Yes, you’ll find a lot of intellectual firepower on campus. Our faculty are involved in projects as diverse as protecting the aquatic resources of the Gulf and chronicling the region’s singular musical heritage. But because of our size – just 8,610 undergrads; classes average 21 students – you won’t be looking at that academic talent from afar. The brilliant faculty who are carrying out that work also happen to be eager, nurturing educators, and they’ll be teaching your classes from the minute you arrive. "About those classes: There are 1,700 to choose from. We offer more than 70 majors in five different schools, including science and engineering, architecture, business, liberal arts and public health. Can’t pick? About a third of the students here double major." (Source:
General Information
Tulane University has announced that it will be exploring two potential avenues to support anti-racist causes: symbolic actions and a possible curriculum change. The university will be reconsidering its naming policy of on-campus spaces. Additionally, a new racial equity course will be expanded to be a required part of the curriculum at Tulane, although the content of this new course is unclear. See developments below:


  • Curriculum Changes and Requirements

    Racial equity required course will be expanded to be part of the curriculum at Tulane.

  • Symbolic Actions

    The University will be considering policies for the naming of campus buildings and spaces.

  • Resources

    The School of Liberal Arts is starting its "yearlong series of lectures on Anti-Racism and the Disciplines" with a lecture entitled "Anti-Racism and the Economics Profession".

  • Resources

    University will be hosting a workshop for faculty and staff on "integrating anti-racism and social justice into [their] learning environments."

  • Resources

    Tulane hosted an "Anti-Racism and Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Teach-In" to "1. Become Anti-Racist; 2. Understand How Oppression Works; 3. Know Intent vs. Impact; 4. Understand Class Marginalization, Paternalism, and Patriarchy; 5. Build Community and Organize Against Racism".

Last updated June 9th, 2021