Critical Race Training in Education
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"FOR NEARLY 100 YEARS, UCLA HAS BEEN A PIONEER, PERSEVERING THROUGH IMPOSSIBILITY, TURNING THE FUTILE INTO THE ATTAINABLE. We doubt the critics, reject the status quo and see opportunity in dissatisfaction. Our campus, faculty and students are driven by optimism. It is not naïve; it is essential. And it has fueled every accomplishment, allowing us to redefine what's possible, time after time." The university has over 3,900 courses, 125 majors, and 90 minors. (Source: (Source:
General Information
UCLA has taken steps to re-evaluate its relationship with law enforcement, as well as its campus safety policies. In lieu of traditional police support, mental health professional teams will be sent in as first responders. UCLA has not yet made it clear whether it will be defunding its police department. No mandatory Critical Race Training sessions are yet required of students. However, see developments below:


  • Re-Imagining Policing

    Mental Health Professional Teams will be sent in as first responders.

  • Program and Research Funding

    UCLA has a Center for Critical Race Studies in Education. The description of the center reads, "Established in 2015, the Center for Critical Race Studies in Education at UCLA engages scholars and community members in interdisciplinary research that expands our understanding of crucial educational and social inequality issues. Centering the role of race, racism, and their intersectionality with other forms of discrimination such as sexism, classism, homophobia, and ableism, is key to the CCRSE mission."

Last updated July 1st, 2021