Critical Race Training in Education

University of Alaska Anchorage


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Anchorage, Alaska 99508
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School Information
"The University of Alaska Anchorage is a premier university set in the heart of Alaska’s largest city and across the south-central region; a place where culture, innovation and adventure converge. Roughly 12,000 students from all over the U.S. and 89 countries are currently pursuing their dreams at UAA. The unique location provides unparalleled access to valuable industry connections, Arctic research, outdoor recreation courses and more. Specialized academic programs facilitate a variety of once-in-a-lifetime experiences, including groundbreaking educational opportunities that positively impact the surrounding communities and kick-start successful careers." The university enrolls over 11,800 students, offers over 100 programs, and has a 16:1 student-faculty ratio. (Source:
General Information
The university has committed to adding a diversity and inclusion general education requirement (GER) to the curriculum, in addition to hiring a new Chief Diversity Officer and re-starting its "Diversity Action Council." See developments below:


  • Symbolic Actions

    The university hired a new Chief Diversity Officer.

  • Symbolic Actions

    The university will also "re-conceive" its "Diversity Action Council, create a campus plan to integrate diversity efforts and sustain existing training programs."

  • Curriculum Changes and Requirements

    The university committed to adding a " diversity and inclusion GER; incentivize new diversity and inclusion curriculum; develop a multicultural postdoctoral program."

Last updated November 22nd, 2021