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"Located where the Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains, we embody the spirit of exploration and discovery that defines our region and our history. The University of Denver is a private institution built on exploration through research and collaboration among educators, students, and local and global communities. "With nationally recognized academic programs, a history of widespread influence, a forward-looking vision for a 21st century education and a deep commitment to promoting inclusion, we open a world of opportunity to students and empower Pioneers to make a difference around the world." The university enrolls over 12,000 students, has a 11:1 student-faculty ratio, and offers over 100 degree programs. (Source: (Source:
General Information
The University of Denver has taken steps to forward its Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives. In addition to pledging additional funding for DEI initiatives and hiring new senior leadership, the university also promised to "Continue baseline mandatory training for administrators, faculty, staff, and students." See developments below:


  • Program and Research Funding

    The university announced the creation of the "Faculty Institute for Inclusive Teaching", "an asynchronous, interactive, self-paced, online program on inclusive teaching. It is designed to meet DU’s faculty where they are – either building on years of inclusive teaching practices or just beginning to incorporate inclusive teaching into their curricula."

  • Symbolic Actions

    DU will "Hire a strong vice chancellor for diversity equity and inclusion(VCDEI) with centralized authority reporting to the chancellor."

  • Program and Research Funding

    DU will "Provide resources from strategic imperative planning funds to the office of diversity, equity, and inclusion to implement the action items."

  • Program and Research Funding

    DU will "Grow DU’s existing DEI leadership by expanding the ODEI fellows program."

  • Anti-Racism, Bias, and Diversity Training

    DU will "Continue baseline mandatory training for administrators, faculty, staff, and students."

  • Resources

    DU will "Create a widespread culture of DEI through new programming related to power and privilege, as well as thinking more expansively about existing programming, such as heritage months."

  • Resources

    "The Department of Philosophy at the University of Denver offers an undergraduate specialization in Critical Theory for DU students. Our critical theory curriculum consists in graduate and undergraduate courses taught by faculty across the Humanities, including Philosophy, Communications, Religious Studies, English, Economics, Emergent Digital Practices, and Gender & Women’s Studies."

  • Resources

    DU also offers a minor in Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, one of the goals of which is to "Uncover and understand the social, cultural, and historical contributions and lived experiences of racialized populations in the United States, and around the world."

Last updated May 25th, 2022