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University of North Florida

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1 UNF Dr
Jacksonville, Florida 32224
(904) 620-1000
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School Information
"The University of North Florida is one of 12 public universities in the State University System of Florida. A comprehensive, urban university located in Jacksonville, UNF is home to more than 17,300 students and six colleges: the Brooks College of Health, the Coggin College of Business, the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Computing, Engineering and Construction, the College of Education and Human Services and the Hicks Honors College." The University of North Florida (UNF) is a public university in Jacksonville, Florida. The university enrolls over 17,300 students and offers academic programs across its six schools. (Source: (Source: (Source:
General Information
UNF has taken steps to embed anti-racism into its training and orientation procedures. The university has mandated that all incoming freshman and transfer students learn anti-racist education. The exact form of this education (module or course) is not yet clear. See developments below:

Actions Taken

Admissions Policies
  • UNF's 2023-2028 Strategic Plan states that it would "[a]chieve intentional high-quality strategic enrollment to establish UNF as a destination of choice for talented students from diverse backgrounds."
Curriculum Changes and Requirements
  • As part of its General Education requirements, UNF states that "[t]here are additional upper-level courses that will meet the diversity and difference requirements."
  • On June 11, 2020, according to News 4 Jacksonville, incoming freshman and transfer students will be required to learn an anti-racist education.
  • The university offers a Cultural Competency Pursuit program and offers resources to “program participants interested in furthering their awareness, knowledge, skills and attitudes in equity, diversity and inclusion.”
  • In 2023, due to new Florida DEI laws, UNF released the following announcement: "In compliance with new state laws, the University of North Florida is phasing out the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and its centers (Interfaith Center, Intercultural Center, LGBTQ Center and Women’s Center). The University strives to create a safe and welcoming environment for all students, faculty and staff. UNF is committed to a caring and respectful community where all Ospreys have the resources needed to be successful."
  • On February 15, 2022, UNF announced that Dr. Richmond Wynn had been "named the University’s vice president, chief diversity officer."
  • The Student Alliance for Inclusion and Diversity at UNF "[promotes] the understanding and appreciation of racial, cultural, and ethnic diversity." The Alliance represents the Black Student Union, the Latin American Student Organization, and UNF Asian Students in Alliance.
  • UNF's Black Student Union links to its "Black Lives Matter Statement" that can be downloaded as a word document.
Symbolic Actions
  • UNF's Department of History published an anti-racism statement which reads in part as follows: "Racist structures and systems of oppression, with deep historical roots spanning four centuries, have long abetted the abuse and killing of Black men and women in police custody, racist vigilantism, and impunity for perpetrators of this violence. These same structures and systems of oppression have allowed the violence to continue. Escalating police militarism is part of, and further exacerbates, systemic racism and oppression."
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