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University of Tennessee Southern

Undergraduate School

Mailing Address
433 W Madison St
Pulaski, Tennessee 38478
(931) 363-9800
School Information
"The University of Tennessee Southern, is a liberal arts, four-year College, originally formed under the name Martin Methodist College, founded in 1870, and related to the Tennessee Conference of The United Methodist Church. In 2015, the Master of Business Administration offered its first classes. With a historic campus located in Pulaski, Tennessee, in the beautiful hills of southern Middle Tennessee, The University of Tennessee Southern is convenient to both Nashville (70 miles to the north) and Huntsville, Alabama (40 miles to the south)" (Source: UT Southern has over 38 areas of study. The total undergraduate enrollment is nearly 800 and the student to faculty ratio is 13 to 1.
General Information
UT Southern is a part of the University of Tennessee school system. UT has created its UT Inclusion, Diversity and Engagement Strategic Alliance. UT Southern offers a few courses that discuss diversity and inclusion. At this time, UT Southern is not conducted Critical Race Training. However, see developments below:

Actions Taken

  • In February 2022, the Claremont Institute Center for the American Way of Life published a report titled "Critical Social Justice in Tennessee Higher Education: An Overview," which states that Critical Social Justice "undermines equal protection of the law— creating different standards of justice for minorities and the supposedly oppressive majority." The report draws connections between CSJ and DEI program/initiatives and states "Just having been established, UT-S has very little emphasis on DEI, though it is interesting and important that from the get-go it built DEI features and personnel into its operations in curriculum and administration."
Symbolic Actions
  • The University of Tennessee system announced the creation of the UT Inclusion, Diversity and Engagement (UT IDE) Strategic Alliance.
Last updated September 22nd, 2023
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