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Sign up for our new monthly newsletter — CRT Tracker

As February 2023 marks the two-year anniversary(!) of (a project of Legal Insurrection Foundation), we thought, no better way to celebrate than by announcing this new way of connecting with you.

CRTracker won’t be your traditional newsletter roundup of current events – that’s been done before. We know our audience craves more insight, more context, and the tools to become equipped in the ever-changing battlefield of CRT in education. Each email will contain a mix of:

(1) Data analysis from a handpicked subset of database entries;

(2) Takeaways from CRT-related thought pieces that mark a shift in language or narrative, before they’ve infused into the mainstream lexicon;

(3) Content for parents to take control of their childrens’ education, explain CRT themes and offer viable alternative approaches;

(4) Listings of upcoming discussions and events (in-person and online) related to CRT that are open to the public; and

(5) DEI-related takeaways on the growing post-graduate outcomes industry linking schools with corporate America.

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