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The Alabama State Board of Education approved a resolution banning certain elements of CRT in public schools by a 7-2 vote which included Republican Governor Kay Ivey, who sits on the board. (source)

K-12 Education

A public hearing was held prior to passage of the resolution. Supporters of the ban cited concerns about cultural marxism, while proponents of CRT testified that it is documented history that racism and slavery were founding principles of the United States, and people who support banning CRT are opposed to public education. (source)

A bill has been introduced to ban CRT in elementary, secondary, and higher education across the state, but has not yet been taken up by the legislature. The Alabama legislature is expected to consider a ban in the 2022 session.

Higher Education

The Alabama Commission on Higher Education released a Strategic Path Forward in July 2021 based on Black Lives Matter activism, compiled by Complete College America. (source) Page 4 of the plan reads:

Why This Work Matters

“We must build a higher education system that reflects the aspirations, experiences, and goals of every student who want to participate.”

-Alicia Garza, Activist, Black Lives Matter Co-Founder

“Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”

-Margaret Mead, Anthropologist

Complete College America defines its mission on the front page of its website:


We can either reflect the racial, social, and economic injustices of society—or we can be an engine of equity, prosperity, and hope. At CCA, we’re building a new system that restores the promise of higher education. (source/)

University of Alabama education professors ask for support in critical race theory debate (source)

Education professors at the University of Alabama say proposed legislation and resolutions that target critical race theory would hurt their ability to train good future teachers.

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