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District of Columbia

The schools in Washington, D.C. have come under national scrutiny recently, with a Republican congressman introducing a bill to ban CRT in K-12 education. Congress has significant control over DC, as it is a special district set up under the Constitution to serve as the nation’s capital. The bill is unlikely to advance in the Pelosi Congress, but the battle will continue. The Higher Education Licensure Commission appears not to have any requirements for member institutions. However, several individual colleges and universities have gone all in on CRT.

K-12 Education

The Federalist reported in June (source):

A new measure would bar public schools in Washington, D.C., from making students participate in critical race theory-related “anti-racism” exercises to apologize for their identity.

The bill, introduced by Wisconsin Republican Rep. Glenn Grothman, is called the “Ending Critical Race Theory in D.C. Public Schools Act” and would effectively prohibit public institutions from hosting “anti-racism” sessions. Likewise, it would ban teachers from communicating to students that the United States is “fundamentally racist or sexist” and that people of a certain background can be held responsible for decisions by other people with some of the same physical characteristics.

“No employee of the District of Columbia Public Schools or the District of Columbia Public 9 Charter Schools shall compel a teacher or student to adopt, affirm, adhere to, or profess ideas that promote race or sex stereotyping or scapegoating,” the bill states.

The congressman specifically notes that such stereotyping takes the form of teachers instructing students they are “oppressive” or “racist” due to their respective biology.

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