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Michigan has fully embraced CRT in public schools, prompting significant parent backlash. A bill to ban CRT in Michigan schools was introduced in May 2021. It advanced out of the Senate Education and Career Readiness Committee with a do-pass recommendation in October. That is the last status update available on the bill. (source)

K-12 Education

Michigan has seen parents organize as CRT has become more prominent in many school districts. (source)

School districts are fighting back by demanding exorbitant fees for public records requests by parents wishing to root out CRT in the curriculum. (source)

Meanwhile, the staff of a Democratic congressperson in a swing district is helping to get CRT into local school boards. (source)

The Chair of the Department of Teacher Education at Michigan State recently authored a full-throated defense of CRT in response to a bill in the legislature to ban it from Michigan Schools. (source)

Michigan enacted an equity-based school reopening plan in 2021 in response to the COVID pandemic: “The Blueprint must be embedded within an equity framework, with attention paid to specific student populations.”

Higher Education

Michigan does not coordinate DEI or CRT across public campuses. However, on their own, many schools—public and private—have fully embraced CRT as the lens through which they make decisions. In stark contrast to this, Hillsdale College has taken actions to directly fight against CRT and does not endorse critical race theory.

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