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New Hampshire

State representatives included a ban on CRT in public schools in the state budget that passed in the 2021 session, adding New Hampshire to the list of states that have banned elements of CRT from public school curriculum. This followed the defeat of a stand-alone ban bill. The state superintendent of schools, appointed by the republican governor, opposes CRT. Teachers, unions, and some administrators have chafed under these regulations, vowing to fight back. A teacher made national news in 2020 for resigning in protest of inherent bias and anti-racism training in his district. There is no statewide directive for colleges and universities to require CRT training. However, several school presidents and administrators have pushed back on anti-CRT initiatives and defended its inclusion in school curriculum.

K-12 Education

The commissioner of the New Hampshire Department of Education wrote an op-ed praising new legislation limiting CRT in public school curriculum:

Teach children about racism, not to be racists

The right to freedom without Discrimination legislation recently passed by the New Hampshire Senate is an important, and needed, contribution to our education system. It helps ensure that our students learn about the evils of racism without teaching them to be racists.

This legislation lays out some important instructional boundaries that, with increasing frequency, have been crossed. These guardrails will help instill confidence in parents that our basic values are not being compromised. It will also help educators who increasingly find themselves in uncomfortable training and teaching circumstances that are contrary to their instructional mission. (source)

A majority of Governor Chris Sununu’s diversity council resigned in protest of the new legislation.

Prior to the new law, a Manchester teacher resigned in protest of his school’s mandatory bias training, giving an epic statement that went viral.

Higher Education

No statewide mandate exists for colleges to implement CRT in their curricula. However, several public colleges and universities have instituted bias trainings and anti-racism programs to varying degrees.

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