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North Dakota

North Dakota became the thirteenth state to ban CRT in public schools in November 2021.

K-12 Education

It does not appear that CRT materials or concepts have infiltrated any school district in North Dakota. A recall effort against four of the nine sitting board members in the Fargo School District failed in June 2021. There is no mention of anti-racism or bias training at the website of the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction.

Higher Education

The North Dakota University System has no coordinating policy regarding equity, bias training, or anti-racism for its member schools. A statement was read into the record of the December 2020 State Board of Higher Education by the chairman:

“The North Dakota University System and our Board continuously endeavors to balance quality education, public opinion, constitutional rights, and the recent legislative directive to implement policy that supports student’s freedom of speech and freedom of expression,” he said. “Along with supporting our students, we support our military – including the many veteran students as well as employees throughout our system. As public servants, we support our Constitution to promote the general welfare of the people – we do this through delivery of an educational environment that supports inclusivity, diversity and respect. We respect the flag, the national anthem and law enforcement, and we respect free speech amongst our students. As we value an inclusive environment where every person is valued on our campuses, hate speech or racism of any kind will not be accepted. We thank those that have served our country and we pledge our allegiances to one American flag, and we give respect to our neighbors and communities in which we live.” (source)

The two state universities have taken it upon themselves to create anti-racism training for students in one case, and a task force in the other.

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