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The 1619 Project

The main focus of is Critical Race Theory (CRT) and its applications in higher education, as this is where the ideology was first developed and where many individuals are trained. While CRT has been around for a few decades, it really has gained prominence since the rise of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, serving as an intellectual underpinning to grant the movement a perception of legitimacy as a civil rights movement. The 1619 Project attempts to bring all these forces together to reimagine and revise the historical narrative of America. The central premise is that America was not founded in 1776, or in the early colonies, or when the Constitution was ratified. According to this new interpretation, the functional founding of America occurred when the first enslaved Africans arrived on the North American continent. Further, the authors claim, the colonists fought the Revolutionary War primarily to protect the slave trade. First published in August 2019 by New York Times Magazine, the 1619 Project "aims to reframe the country's history by placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of Black Americans at the very center of the United States' national narrative." Activists have proposed the 1619 Project as history curriculum in elementary, secondary, and higher education.

In response, a growing number of historians, scholars, and critics have written about some of the logical fallacies, false equivalencies, and historical errors in the 1619 Project.

Here we include some reading material, criticisms, and other resources to understand the impact of The 1619 Project in American society and in particular, education:

American Institute of Economic Research

1619 Project Resource
James Harrigan
1619, Anyone?
Phillip Magness
An Academic Footnote for Florida’s Slavery Curriculum
Does the 1619 Project Have Anything To Teach Us? Phil Magness at the Soho Forum Debate
Phillip Magness
Fact Checking the 1619 Project and Its Critics
Phillip Magness
Should K-12 Classrooms Teach from the 1619 Project?
Phillip Magness
Slavery and the 1619 Project: Phil Magness on Words & Numbers
Phillip Magness
Slavery and the 1619 Project: Phil Magness on Words & Numbers (Part Two)
Phillip Magness
The 1619 Project Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry
Ian Rowe
The 1619 Project Perpetuates the Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations
Phillip Magness
The 1619 Project Resurrects King-Cotton Ideology of the Old South
Phillip Magness
The Case for Retracting Matthew Desmond’s 1619 Project Essay
David Henderson
The Tooth-Fairy Economics of Slavery Reparations
Phillip Magness
What the 1619 Project’s Critics Get Wrong about Lincoln

Heritage Foundation

1619 Project Resource
Mike Gonzalez
‘1619’ Pulitzer Will Boost Socialist Teaching in Schools
Mike Gonzalez
“1619 Project” Is Back and As Slanderous as Ever!
Mike Gonzalez
1619 and the Poisoned Well of Identity Politics
Arthur Milikh
1776, Not 1619
Lucas Morel
A Review of the 1619 Project Curriculum
Allen C. Guelzo
A Year Later, Objections to the History-Distorting 1619 Project Grow Louder
Mike Gonzalez
At Least Nikole Hannah-Jones Is Honest About the 1619 Project’s Goals
Samuel Gregg
Capitalism in the 1619 Project
Arthur Milikh
The Real Goals of The 1619 Project
Mike Gonzalez
What the 1619 Project Is Really About

Legal Insurrection Foundation

1619 Project Resource
Legal Insurrection
1619 Project Education Network Releases ‘Reparations Math’ Curriculum for High Schools
Legal Insurrection
Black Scholar Aims to End the ‘Big Lie’ of the 1619 Project
Legal Insurrection
Education Sec. Cardona Dodges Questions About Pulling Back Critical Race Theory, Ibram Kendi, and 1619 Project in Schools
Legal Insurrection
Howard University’s Law School Hosts ‘1619 Project Read-Along’ Event With Nikole Hannah-Jones
Legal Insurrection
Hulu Series Based on 1619 Project Pushes ‘False History’
Legal Insurrection
Nikole Hannah-Jones to Teach Just One Course at Howard University This Fall
Legal Insurrection
President of American Historical Association Issues Groveling Apology After Backlash Over Criticism of 1619 Project
Rescuing History and Education From The 1619 Project (Full Event)
Rescuing History and Education From The 1619 Project (Highlights)
Legal Insurrection
Rescuing History and Education From The 1619 Project (Transcript)

National Association of Scholars

1619 Project Resource
Lucas Morel
America Wasn’t Founded on White Supremacy
William Young
Congress Finally Acts
David Randall
Kick the ‘1619 Project’ Out of Schools
Alexander Riley
Nothing but Shallow Resentment
Seth Forman
The 1619 Project: Believe Your Lying Eyes
Peter Wood, Phillip W. Magness and Robert Cherry
The Economics and Politics of The 1619 Project
Peter Wood
The New York Times Revises The 1619 Project, Barely
David Acevedo
Washington Schools Reject The 1619 Project

Additional Resources

1619 Project Resource
Tyler O’Neil, PJ Media
1619 Project Backlash Is Building in Statehouses Across the Country
National Review
Another Blow to ‘The 1619 Project’
Mary Grabar
Debunking the 1619 Project: Exposing the Plan to Divide America
New York Post
Disney’s insane embrace of toxic ‘1619’ lies
Phillip Magness in Quillette Magazine
Down the 1619 Project’s Memory Hole
Forgetting vs. Overcoming: Abuses of History and the 1619 Project
Rich Lowry, National Review
Historians Roast the 1619 Project
James Masnov, New Discourses
History Killers: The Academic Fraudulence of the 1619 Project
Jeff Reynolds, PJ Media
Mark Levin Takes Aim at the New York Times’ 1619 Project
New York Post
Nikole Hannah-Jones’ ‘1619’ docuseries lies about American history — again
Dan McLaughlin, National Review
No, Modern Policing Did Not Originate with Slavery
Washington Times Editorial
Revisionists at it again: The ‘1619 Project’ is bad history fueled by bad motives
New York Times op-ed by Bret Stephens
The 1619 Chronicles
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