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K-12 Information

The main focus of is Critical Race Theory and its applications in higher education, as this is where the ideology was first developed and where many individuals are trained. Our database does not yet cover primary or secondary schools.

We recognize that Critical Race Training in primary and secondary education is a growing issue and one that's significantly more difficult to track. We've included some resources concerning Critical Race Training in primary schools beneath:

Articles on Specialized School Admissions

K-12 Resource
Professor Jonathan Turley
‘We Cannot Mince Words’: San Francisco Education Official Denounces Meritocracy As Racist
American Enterprise Institute
Asra Nomani on Preserving Merit in K-12 Education
New York Post
De Blasio is trying to kill gifted-and-talented education
Dorchester Reporter
De Blasio is trying to kill gifted-and-talented education
Washington Post
Fairfax school board eliminates admissions test at Thomas Jefferson High School
New York Daily News
Inside NYC Education Dept. panel’s stunning vote to nix controversial ‘Gifted and Talented’ exam
San Francisco School Board Commissioner Calls Merit-Based Education ‘Racist,’ Sparking Debate
Washington Examiner
The education establishment’s attacks on merit will destroy success
Parents Defending Education
The War on Merit
The American Spectator
This Is the Danger of Sacrificing Merit for Equity in Education

Christopher F. Rufo

Director of the Center on Wealth & Poverty at Discovery Institute, Writer at City Journal, and Filmmaker

K-12 Resource
Independent Women's Forum
Christopher Rufo – America’s Cultural Revolution And How To Fight It
Manhattan Institute
Indoctrinating an Entire School System in PC Racism
Parent Guidebook: Fighting Critical Race Theory in K-12 Schools
City Journal
Radical Gender Theory Comes to the Heartland
City Journal
Radicals in the Classroom
City Journal
Resisting Californication
City Journal
Spoiled Rotten

Groups and Organizations

K-12 Resource
Conservative Education Reform Network
American Enterprise Institute
Californians for Equal Rights Foundation
Conservative, pro-family organization
Focus on Education (Eagle Forum)
Center for Education Opportunities
Heartland Institute
Center for Education Policy
Heritage Foundation
Manhattan Institute
Parents Defending Education
Stop School Indoctrination Now
K-12 curricula watchdog organization
What Are They Learning?

Heritage Foundation

K-12 Resource
Mike Gonzalez
1619 and the Poisoned Well of Identity Politics
Lucas Morel
A Review of the 1619 Project Curriculum
Kevin Roberts
Breaking the K-12 Education Monopoly
Jay Greene and Ian Kingsbury
Empowering Parents with School Choice Reduces Wokeism in Education
Kevin Roberts
hildren Have a Right to Classical Education
Jonathan Butcher and Lindsey Burke
Seizing the Moment: A State Education Agenda for 2023
Lindsey M. Burke and Mike Gonzalez
To Tackle Critical Theory in the K–12 Classroom, Start with Colleges of Education

Hillsdale College

K-12 Resource
The Hillsdale 1776 Curriculum

Legal Insurrection Foundation

K-12 Resource
An Inflection Point In The Fight Against The Racialization Of Education
Legal Insurrection
California Adopting New ‘Social Justice’ Mathematics Framework for K-12
Indo American Conservatives of Texas (I-ACT)
Equal Protection Project Aims to Stop Acts of Racism Committed in Name of ‘Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion’
How Critical Race Training is Harming K-12 (Full Event)
How Critical Race Training is Harming K-12 (Highlights)
Legal Insurrection
How Critical Race Training is Harming K-12 (Transcript)
Legal Insurrection
Mathematics Organization Apologizes for Speaker’s Comment That Boys Are at a Disadvantage in K-12 Education
Rescuing History and Education From The 1619 Project (Full Event)
Rescuing History and Education From The 1619 Project (Highlights)
Legal Insurrection
Rescuing History and Education From The 1619 Project (Transcript)
Legal Insurrection
Stony Brook U. Awarded $700K ‘Grant to Push Diversity in K-12 Leadership’
Legal Insurrection
Study: U Cal Education Schools Indoctrinate Future Teachers in Critical Race Theory Exploiting ‘Ethnic Studies’
Legal Insurrection
VA Governor Glenn Youngkin Implements K-12 Transgender Policy That Emphasizes the Role of Parents
Legal Insurrection
Virginia High School Admissions Changes That Severely Reduced Asian Student Enrollment Upheld By Appeals Court

Max Eden

Author, Editor, and Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute

K-12 Resource
Manhattan Institute
Biden Has Embraced ‘Critical Race Theory’ — but You Can Still Fight It
City Journal
Critical Race Theory in American Classrooms
American Enterprise Institute
CRT Bans Are Working
American Enterprise Institute
Cultural Accountability: A Modest Proposal to Rebalance the Politics of K–12 Education
Real Clear Education
Miguel Cardona’s Cynical Civics Lesson 
City Journal
New York State’s Directive to Schools: Lie to Parents
American Enterprise Institute
Parents Bill of Rights and the New Conservative Education Agenda
Manhattan Institute
Public Education Has Gone ‘Woke’
American Enterprise Institute
The Critical Race Theory to SEL Education Pipeline

National Association of Scholars

K-12 Resource
Minding The Campus
A Republic if You Can Teach It
David Randall
Kick the ‘1619 Project’ Out of Schools
Seth Forman
The 1619 Project: Believe Your Lying Eyes
Peter Wood, Phillip W. Magness and Robert Cherry
The Economics and Politics of The 1619 Project
Peter Wood
The New York Times Revises The 1619 Project, Barely
David Acevedo
Washington Schools Reject The 1619 Project

Additional Resources

K-12 Resource
Fox News
‘Alarming evidence’ links China’s Communist Party to American K-12 schools, anti-indoctrination group claims
The Atlantic
A Matter of Facts
New Discourses
Breaking Down Critical Social Justice Theory in K-12 Education
Wall Street Journal
California Wants to Teach Your Kids That Capitalism Is Racist
Critical Race Theory in K-12 Education
The Edvocate
Critical Race Theory in K-12 Education Examples
Californians for Equal Rights Foundation
Critical Race Theory: Ideology, Practices, and Ways to Push Back
The Federalist
Meet The Billionaires’ Club Pumping Critical Race Theory Into Your Child’s Classroom
United States Parents Involved in Education
Parent’s Guide and Resources to Fight Critical Race Theory
Wall Street Journal
Social Justice Comes to Math Class
Discovery Institute
Students Exit the K-12 System With an Anti-American Worldview
Idaho Freedom Foundation
THE IFF’S Center for American Education on the Florida Model
City Journal
There Is No Apolitical Classroom
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