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Since its launch in early February 2021, has become the most authoritative website for information and resources about Critical Race Training in education, linked and quoted by dozens of news organizations:

News Item
February 2, 2021 • Legal Insurrection
Legal Insurrection launches ‘Critical Race Training In Higher Education’ website
February 2, 2021 • Fox News
Website launched to track critical race theory teaching in higher education
February 3, 2021 • Daily Wire
Cornell Professor Invents Critical Race Theory Watchdog Site
February 4, 2021 • Washington Examiner
Website launched to track critical race theory training at over 200 colleges and universities
February 4, 2021 • Tucker Carlson Tonight, Fox News
Critical Race Training Exposed
February 5, 2021 • DailyMail
Cornell law professor creates online database of 220 universities teaching critical race theory to help parents choose colleges that don’t make the ‘racist ideology’ mandatory
February 5, 2021 • New York Post
New website tracks where critical race theory is taught at US schools
February 5, 2021 • Washington Times
Law professor creates online database targeting ‘critical race training’ schools
February 9, 2021 • Relatable with Allie Beth Stuckey, BlazeTV
Relatable | Ep 366
February 12, 2021 • National Review
What Is ‘Critical Race Theory’ and Why Are So Many Colleges Teaching It?
February 12, 2021 • James G. Martin Center
Exposing Critical Race Training in Higher Education
February 16, 2021 • Legal Insurrection
Cornell Law Professor William Jacobson On Allie Beth Stuckey Podcast Talking Critical Race Training
February 19, 2021 • Campus Reform
Is Critical Race Theory at a school near you?
February 19, 2021 • The College Fix
Is Critical Race Theory at a school near you?
February 23, 2021 • The College Fix
New website tracks critical race theory curriculums, trainings at college campuses nationwide
February 23, 2021 • Breitbart
Website Tracks Critical Race Theory Curriculums at Universities Across U.S.
February 24, 2021 • Cornell Daily Sun
Students Weigh in on Critical Race Theory Database Launched by Law School Professor
February 24, 2021 • Legal Insurrection
Cornell Daily Sun Interviews Professor William Jacobson on CRT Site
February 24, 2021 • The Cornell Review
Cornell Daily Sun Interviews Professor William Jacobson on CRT Site (Full Interview)
February 24, 2021 • Daily Signal
Website Tracks Which Colleges Embrace Training in Critical Race Theory
February 25, 2021 • NH Journal
Critical Race Theory Fight Comes to Concord
March 30, 2021 • The Daily Wire
New Organization Plans To Provide Parents With Tools To Combat ‘Woke Indoctrination’ In Schools
April 19, 2021 • The Daily Wire
North Carolina Education Group Launches ‘Schoolhouse Shock’ Program To Document Extremism In The Classroom
April 21, 2021 • The Billings Gazette
Letter to the editor: Beware of Critical Race Theory in schools
April 30, 2021 • Newsweek
What Is Critical Race Theory and Why Do Some People Want to Ban It?
May 9, 2021 • Independent Tribune
Column: Beware the ills of CRT and the 1619 Project
May 13, 2021 • The Chronicle of Higher Education
The Academic Concept Conservative Lawmakers Love to Hate
May 13, 2021 • Kane County Chronicle
Geneva D-304 mother decries diversity education as ‘Marxist ideology’
May 14, 2021 • U.S. House of Representatives
H. RES. 397 – Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that Critical Race Theory serves as a prejudicial ideological tool, rather than an educational tool, and should not be taught in K–12 classrooms as a way to teach students to judge individuals based on sex, race, ethnicity, and national origin
May 23, 2021 • Victorville Daily Press
Around Town: Examining ‘The 1619 Project’ and Critical Race Theory
May 24, 2021 • The Center Square
Bill banning critical race theory in schools one step closer to Abbott’s desk
May 28, 2021 • Your Observer
Misguided obsession with race
June 10, 2021 • Action News Jax
Florida Board of Education bans Critical Race Theory in the classroom
June 10, 2021 • Business Observer of Florida
Opinion: Time’s up for public education
June 12, 2021 • University World News
Why are states lining up to ban critical race theory?
June 13, 2021 • The Epoch Times
Pennsylvania State Representatives Introduce Bill Banning the Teaching of Critical Race Theory
June 17, 2021 • Forbes
What The Critics And Supporters Of Critical Race Theory Have In Common
June 24, 2021 • Vox
What the hysteria over critical race theory is really all about
June 24, 2021 • Mike Huckabee
CRT UPDATE: Parents showing their strength
July 1, 2021 • Washington Examiner
Conservatives aren’t the only ones opposing critical race theory
July 1, 2021 • Tennessee Star Creator William Jacobson Discusses Critical Race Theory as a Mechanism to Achieve Political Purposes
July 2, 2021 • Grosse Pointe Times
Listening sessions focus on school issues
July 8, 2021 • Fox News
Nebraska Republican pushes anti-CRT resolution at state university
July 12, 2021 • Corridor News
Despite new statewide ban, at least 12 Texas colleges teach ‘Critical Race Theory’
July 15, 2021 • Valley News Live
What is critical race theory?
July 18, 2021 • The Epoch Times
Virginia PTA Leader Ousted After Apparently Wishing Death on Anti-Critical Race Theory Parents
July 19, 2021 • Chalkbeat Tennessee
How Nikole Hannah-Jones’ 1619 Project ignited the critical race theory backlash
July 20, 2021 • pg. 256 in Mark Levin’s book, American Marxism
The Legal Insurrection website, founded and operated by Professor William Jacobson, provides some helpful resources concerning CRT in K-12 schools
July 27, 2021 • Fox News
Nebraska governor backs university’s anti-CRT resolution amid backlash
July 27, 2021 • Nevada Policy Research Institute Podcast
Free to Offend Episode 32 | Guest: Professor William Jacobson,
July 29, 2021 • Wisconsin Spotlight
Critical Race Theory invading tech schools
August 11, 2021 • RealClearInvestigations
Medicine Is Getting Major Injections of Woke Ideology That Will Likely Affect Your Health Care
August 11, 2021 • Washington Examiner
Senate Democrats show their support for critical race theory
August 18, 2021 • The College Fix
Law professor spells out five powerful ways lawmakers can fight critical race theory
August 29, 2021 • Arkansas Online
September 2, 2021 • The Todd Hermann Show
Professor William Jacobson: If Only More Parents Knew…
September 4, 2021 • Save Our Schools For Westchester Children
The fight over Critical Race Theory in many ways is the fight for our national survival
October 5, 2021 • Fox News
Critical Race Theory infiltrating America’s 25 most elite private K-12 schools, according to new study
October 6, 2021 • Daily Caller
REPORT: America’s Top 25 Private Schools Are Pushing ‘Anti-Racism,’ ‘Equity’ Initiatives
October 11, 2021 • Daily Signal
New Group Equips Parents With 7 Tools to Combat Wokeness in K-12 Education
October 24, 2021 • The Epoch Times
Citigroup Becomes First Wall Street Bank to Commit to ‘Racial Equity’ Audit
November 10, 2021 • Fox News
Critical Race Theory taught at many of America’s 50 most elite private K-12 schools, according to new study
November 11, 2021 • Fox News
Education advocates respond to the media’s ‘insulting’ lecturing of parents
December 1, 2021 • Business Insider
A college law professor who teaches critical race theory worries that educators are living through another ‘Red Scare’
December 16, 2021 • WOKV Jacksonville
Stop W.O.K.E. Act: Florida governor takes ‘stand against critical race theory’ with new legislation
December 22, 2021 • University Business
Critical race theory: 3 experts discuss its true role in higher education
January 10, 2022 • Fox News
Critical race theory-related ideas found in mandatory programs at more than 230 colleges, universities
January 10, 2022 • FOX 17-WZTV Nashville
CRT ideas found in mandatory trainings at 236 colleges and universities, per report
January 10, 2022 • National Review
University Cancels Plan to Pay Professors to Create CRT Curricula
January 10, 2022 • Breitbart
Report: Over 230 Universities Have Mandatory Critical Race Theory Training Programs
January 11, 2022 • Washington Examiner
Over 200 colleges require students to undergo critical race theory-based training, report finds
January 12, 2022 • The Cannon
Is Your College Woke? Here’s How to Tell
January 20, 2022 • Florida Daily
A New Report Finds Florida Colleges Embracing Critical Race Theory
February 21, 2022 • Fox News
Critical race theory-related ideas found in mandatory programs at 23 of top 25 US medical schools: report
February 21, 2022 • Newsmax
23 of Top 25 Medical Schools Include CRT-Related Training: Report
February 21, 2022 • The Epoch Times
Critical Race Theory Makes Its Way Into Mandatory Trainings at Top US Medical Schools, New Database Shows
February 21, 2022 • Human Events
REPORT: Overwhelming Majority of Top Medical Schools Require Mandatory CRT Training
February 21, 2022 • BizPac Review
Overwhelming number of nation’s top medical schools require mandatory CRT training – watchdog
February 22, 2022 • Washington Examiner
All but two of top 25 medical schools require critical race theory training
February 28, 2022 • The Republican Standard
Tenets of Critical Race Theory Reported at 23 of Top 25 US Medical Schools
March 7, 2022 • Washington Examiner
American Medical Association ethics journal calls for ‘antiracist’ education
March 17, 2022 • Chicago City Wire
University of Chicago Lab School teacher: ‘Your whole existence is unapologetically white’
March 23, 2022 • Washington Post
Opinion | Cruz attacks Jackson for ‘critical race theory’ — but sends his own daughters to learn it
April 26, 2022 • North Dakota State University Spectrum
Homeschool the next generation – the Spectrum
April 28, 2022 • American Thinker
Does the Twitter takeover signal an end to thought control on college campuses?
May 16, 2022 • Fox News
Critical race theory-related ideas found in mandatory programs at 39 of top 50 US medical schools: report”
May 16, 2022 • BizPac Review
Critical Race Theory mandated in nearly 80% of top medical schools, report finds
May 16, 2022 • DailyMail
At least 39 of America’s 50 most prestigious medical schools, including USC and Brown, exposed for having mandatory Critical Race Theory training in their curriculums
May 17, 2022 • American Thinker
Critical Race Theory has infected 80% of the top US medical schools
May 27, 2022 • Accuracy in Academia
Medical schools infiltrated by Critical Race Theory
July 12, 2022 • The Epoch Times
Senator: Americans Would Be ‘Shocked’ If They Saw Where COVID-19 Relief Funds WentThe Epoch Times
July 22, 2022 • Campus Reform
Medical school infuses curriculum with CRT, DEI
July 25, 2022 • Fox News
Critical Race Theory taught to future military leaders at U.S. military academies, according to new study
July 26, 2022 • American Greatness
Major Military Academies Have Been Teaching Critical Race Theory for Some Time
July 26, 2022 • Newsmax
Pentagon Sued Over Complaints of Teaching Critical Race Theory at Military Academies
July 27, 2022 • Fox News
Association of American Medical Colleges slammed for pushing critical race theory on students
July 30, 2022 • Breitbart
Exclusive–Prof. Bill Jacobson: ‘Woke’ Medicine Prioritizes ‘Non-Whites’
August 30, 2022 • Daily Signal
CRT Infects Military Academies, Medical Schools, Bill Jacobson Says
September 7, 2022 • Fox News
Anti-Defamation League launches review of education content after Fox News Digital investigation
September 7, 2022 • Jewish News Syndicate
After the ADL gets caught spreading woke ideology, Greenblatt must go
September 23, 2022 • Fox News
UCLA database reveals well-funded push for critical race theory, argues Cornell law professor
September 30, 2022 • NTD
Republicans Only Need 6 Toss-Up Seats to Regain House Control: Analysis
November 14, 2022 • Merion West
William Jacobson: What Happened to Campus?
November 28, 2022 • Daily Caller
Over Half Of America’s Top Medical Schools Now Teach Critical Race Theory
November 28, 2022 • Fox News
Critical race theory-related ideas found in mandatory programs at 58 of top 100 US medical schools: report
November 28, 2022 • Newsmax
Over Half of Top Medical Schools Teach Critical Race Theory
November 28, 2022 • Washington Examiner
Critical race theory programs are mandatory in 58 of top 100 medical schools: Report
November 28, 2022 • The Blaze
Report: 58 of the nation’s top 100 medical schools force mandatory CRT-related programs
November 28, 2022 • American Greatness
58 of Top 100 Medical Schools Mandate Critical Race Theory
November 29, 2022 • Fox News
Majority of top medical schools pushing critical race theory, new report finds: ‘A false diagnosis’
November 30, 2022 • The Free Press
CRT Foe Releases Report Showing 58% Of Nation’s Top Medical Schools Forcing CRT
December 12, 2022 • Hawaii'i Free Press
Critical race theory programs are mandatory in 58 of top 100 medical schools: Report
December 18, 2022 • Fox News
Washington U lecturer warns medical students not to ‘debate’ her on ‘systemic oppression’: ‘shut that’ down
December 22, 2022 • The Heartlander
Medical school lecturer at Washington University in St. Louis profanely warns students not to debate her progressive teachings on race
December 28, 2022 • The Epoch Times
Students Speak Out on Anti-white, Anti-Christian, Anti-American Culture at Florida University
January 3, 2023 • ProPublica
Muzzled by DeSantis, Critical Race Theory Professors Cancel Courses or Modify Their Teaching
January 9, 2023 • The Epoch Times
DeSantis Demands Universities Report on CRT and ‘Diversity, Equity, Inclusion’ Spending
January 9, 2023 • Fox News
California public schools ‘saturated’ with teachers who learned critical race theory when training: report
January 17, 2023 • Fox News
Northern Illinois University to host faculty training sessions on ‘White fatigue’ and ‘decolonization’
February 15, 2023 • Fox News
Columbia med students chant ‘new Hippocratic Oath’ to ‘confront unconscious prejudices’ in resurfaced video
March 3, 2023 • Fox News
Anti-CRT figure fights back against equity discrimination: ‘It’s the civil rights issue of our time’
March 20, 2023 • Fox News
Central Florida professor fired for disputing systemic racism and White privilege fights back, files lawsuit
March 29, 2023 • The College Fix
New legal advocacy project will fight ‘equity discrimination’ at universities
March 30, 2023 • The Epoch Times
New Lawyer Network to Battle Racism in ‘Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion’ Mandates
April 1, 2023 • The Political Insider
WATCH: Professor and Legal Insurrection Founder Reveals Why Critical Race Theory Must Be Defeated
April 3, 2023 • Fox Nation
Watch Tucker Carlson Today: Doctoring Medical Schools Online
April 18, 2023 • Tucker Carlson Today
Critical race theory has arrived at medical schools. What could go wrong?
April 19, 2023 • New York Post
DEI has gone to the dogs as schools train Fido’s vet to be woke
April 24, 2023 • Fox News
Diversity, inclusion curriculum is ‘pervasive across veterinary schools’: Prof. Bill Jacobson
April 25, 2023 • Fox News
Critical race theory taught at America’s top veterinary schools, new study finds
April 26, 2023 • American Greatness
Study: Critical Race Theory Being Taught at 8 out of 11 Top Veterinary Schools
April 26, 2023 • PJ Media
Bow-WOW: Majority of Top Veterinary Schools Implemented CRT/DEI
April 27, 2023 • The Free Press
Report: DEI Is Going To The Dogs At The Nation’s Top Veterinary Schools
May 1, 2023 • The College Fix
CRT has infected veterinary schools: Cornell legal scholar
May 7, 2023 • Just the News
As readiness and global standing erode, Biden Pentagon remains fixated on woke evangelizing
May 8, 2023 • Fox Business
Segregating medical students by race is ‘demeaning and insulting’: Bill Jacobson
May 10, 2023 • Gasconade County Republican
Woke policies and CRT in the military
May 17, 2023 • The Epoch Times
Cornell Professor Tracks CRT in Higher Education, Elite K-12, and Medical Schools
May 17, 2023 • Campus Reform
REPORT: CRT is making its way into veterinary schools
May 24, 2023 • The Hayride
Some Louisiana Colleges Skirting with CRT
May 26, 2023 • NTD
Successful Pushback on CRT Most Likely in Red, Purple States, Unless Change in Federal Government: Prof. William Jacobson
May 30, 2023 • Speech First
Comfortably Numb: The Normalization of DEI’s Political Agenda in Education with William Jacobson
May 31, 2023 • National Review
How Goes the Battle against CRT in American Colleges?
June 12, 2023 • Oregon Live
Readers respond: The long-lasting effects of systemic racism
July 18, 2023 • Fox News
Critical race theory-related ideas found in programs at 108 of 155 top American medical schools
September 27, 2023 • The College Fix
Veterinarian: Not enough blacks in profession, more should ‘look like me’
October 3, 2023 • Fox Business
Sam Bankman-Fried allegedly ran an old-fashioned Ponzi scheme: William A. Jacobson
October 20, 2023 • Cornell Review
In wake of Rickford’s comments, Cornell law professor calls for DEI overhaul
October 20, 2023 • The Epoch Times
IN-DEPTH: Conservatives See Fundamental Shift Occurring as ‘Radicalized’ Universities Exposed After Students Support Hamas
November 14, 2023 • Fox Business
Some of America’s future business leaders inundated with critical race theory in school, study says
November 17, 2023 • Fox Business
Critical race theory is ‘fairly entrenched’ in US business schools: William Jacobson
December 6, 2023 • James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal
Hatred of Western Civilization Stokes the Campus Antisemitism Crisis
December 16, 2023 • Mark Reardon Show is “awesome. I’m going to check it out for sure.”
December 21, 2023 • The College Fix
Top business schools push CRT and other progressive ideas, report finds
January 12, 2024 • The Daily Signal
Can Higher Education Be Rescued From Grip of DEI?
March 11, 2024 • American Family Radio
Medical Students in Crisis with Professor William Jacobson
March 19, 2024 • Fox News
Many top colleges ‘training a cadre of political commissars’ through DEI certificate programs: Watchdog
March 20, 2024 • Yahoo News
House Republicans to introduce bill ending federal funding for medical schools with DEI, ‘race-based mandates’
April 2, 2024 • The College Fix
Skyrocketing DEI certification programs create army of ‘political commissars,’ group warns
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