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Diversity Scholarships under review at UI, regent Institutions

This article originally appeared in The Daily Iowan and catalogues how our Equal Protection Project efforts have prompted universities to re-examine their diversity policies. Since the U.S. Supreme Court ended …

I wish we had been wrong

We didn’t just warn about the pernicious and corrosive effects of CRT and DEI that now are exploding on campuses. We documented the threat more deeply than anyone else. With facts and data.

“CRT and ESG Go Hand-in-Hand at Top Business Schools, Study Shows” rolls out new database of Top 10 Ranked U.S. Business Schools: “It is no surprise that ESG goes hand-in-hand with CRT at business schools. While the two doctrines are distinct, each seeks to subvert its host for ideological purposes.”

“The racialization of medical education and medicine constitutes a national emergency”

We have now completed research into all 155 accredited U.S. medical schools. Fox News covered the release, Critical race theory-related ideas found in programs at 108 of 155 top American medical schools….

“Supreme Court struck down affirmative action, but that won’t stop Harvard”

You probably think the Supreme Court just ended racial discrimination in university admissions, euphemistically called affirmative action, and a new day of equal treatment without regard to race or skin color has dawned.

Our Op-Ed in NY Post: DEI has gone to the dogs

As we explain in our op-ed in the New York Post, we started digging into vet schools half-seriously at first, cracking jokes about it, pretty sure there was no cause for concern….

UC Schools of Education Report: Who Teaches the Teachers?

Our exclusive research on the University of California Education Schools and the indoctrination of future educators in Critical Race Theory and Related Ideologies.

REPORT: Critical race theory-related ideas found in mandatory programs at 58 of top 100 US medical schools

The next generation of America’s top doctors could be more concerned about a patient’s race than previous generations.

Providence school district slapped with civil rights complaint over loan forgiveness only for non-Whites

‘The promotional materials make clear that White educators need not apply,’ William A. Jacobson said

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