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Yale School of Management

Business School

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Yale School of Management, Edward P. Evans Hall
165 Whitney Avenue
New Haven, Connecticut 06511-3729
(203) 432-5635
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School Information
"We offer an MBA degree, in both full-time and executive formats, as well as one-year master’s degree programs in systemic risk, global business and society, asset management, and advanced management. We also offer advanced PhD-level study in management fields." (Source: "The Yale School of Management was founded to advance a vision of a better way to educate leaders—purposeful, entrepreneurial, multisectoral, with a focus on how leaders can both advance organizational objectives and contribute to society. The school has evolved and grown in the ensuing decades, while keeping its mission as a guiding light. Since opening its doors in 1976, Yale SOM has produced thousands of alumni who act out this vision in organizations large and small across countries, industries, and sectors." (Source:

Actions Taken

Admissions Policies
  • As of July 2021, as part of the school's anti-racism efforts, the school "Secured funding for a diversity-focused position in the admissions group, which will help us with outreach to underrepresented groups across our programs."
  • The Director of Admissions for Inclusion and Diversity position at Yale School of Management is "responsible for working collaboratively across the MBA leadership team..." and promotes "access to business education among historically under-represented populations."
  • The Yale School of Management is a participant at the Diversity MBA Admissions Conference which is an "annual event that connects top-tier business schools with talented, diverse and underrepresented candidates who wish to pursue a business degree."
Anti-Racism, Bias, and Diversity Training
  • As of July 2021, as part of the school's anti-racism efforts, the school launched a "diversity, equity, and inclusion training module, mandatory for all students, faculty, and staff."
  • The school's Office of Inclusion and Diversity offers several diversity workshops for students, including "DEI Labs" and "Student Leadership Training." The lab series is "designed to create deeper understanding of different themes related to diversity, equity, and inclusion and belonging." Leadership training brings "external experts to lead specific training and workshops focused on leadership skills."
  • The school's Office of Inclusion and Diversity offers "Curriculum specific DEI workshops" which "bring DEI experts and facilitators to host workshops that diver deeper into concepts discussed during courses."
Curriculum Changes and Requirements
  • In the Fall of 2020, the Case Research and Development team and relevant faculty launched a systematic review of cases taught in the MBA core. In the Spring of 2021, four of the eight new cases debuted featured Black or women protagonists.
  • In the Fall of 2020, the school announced the following regarding its curriculum: "The Case Research and Development team, along with relevant faculty, have launched a systematic review of cases taught in the MBA core. As an initial result, four of the eight new cases debuting in the spring semester feature Black or women protagonists. In addition, the school has begun an initiative to bring more speakers with diverse perspectives into the classroom to provide their points of view on existing cases."
Faculty/Staff Requirements
  • As of July 2021, as part of the school's anti-racism efforts, the school launched a "diversity, equity, and inclusion training module, mandatory for all students, faculty, and staff."
Program and Research Funding
  • Yale SOM secured funding of $50,000 per year over five years to "diversify the art portrayed in Evans Hall." The school is also using the digital screens around campus to highlight the "values that SOM alumni draw upon to help them in their professional lives," with each month featuring a diverse selection of alumni from different years, programs, regions, industries, genders, and ethnicities.
  • The school's Doctoral Program webpage states that "[f]aculty and graduate student members of our community conduct research that seeks to: better understand the roots of societal inequalities...."
  • The school's Department of Executive Education offers a three-week program titled "Fostering Inclusion and Diversity," which "delivers the skills leaders need to build more inclusive and diverse teams, leading to improved business outcomes with increased effectiveness and innovation." The program focuses on "unconscious biases, promoting behavioral change, redefining leadership, recognition of dimensions of diversity, and reinforcing patterns of (dis)engagement."
  • On May 19, 2022, Dean Kerwin Charles announced the upcoming launch of two new initiatives created and developed by CARE: the Donald H. Ogilvie '78 Colloquium (a high-impact speaker series that will bring underrepresented professionals of color regularly to campus to visit and engage with the SOM community, and Who CARES About That? (a video podcast series with episodes focused on issues of anti-racism and equity, created an run by all members of the SOM community.
  • In 2021, Yale SOM launched the Conversations that Matter series, sessions that "provide space to engage in critical dialogue around timely and relevant issues around diversity equity and inclusion." The series includes workshops and listening sessions.
  • "Coffee with Intention" is a weekly opportunity for Yale SOM community members to ask questions and discuss DEI-related topics or learnings with someone from the Office of Inclusion and Diversity team in a more intimate setting.
  • Yale SOM has an Office of Inclusion & Diversity (OID) that is the "centralized hub" for advancing DEI at SOM.
  • Yale SOM has several diversity-focused clubs, including the American-Latine Business Association Group, Asian American & Pacific Islander Association, Association of Hispanic and Latin American Students, Black Business Alliance, and Business Students for Racial Equity.
  • Announced in Fall 2020, Yale SOM will work with company recruiters to promote diversity and inclusion. The school’s Career Development Office posted diversity recruiting policies on its website and produced an “Employer Guide to Diversity and Inclusion.”
  • Announced in Fall 2020, Yale SOM stated it would "redouble efforts to ensure [it hires] diverse staff across functions and levels of responsibility." The school's human resource group has worked with central Yale HR to "implement an additional diversity screening in the hiring process" and the school is investigating additional places to recruit "diverse staff talent."
  • Announced in Fall 2020, Yale SOM has been aiming to maximize diversity in its research assistants and PhD programs in hopes that future faculty cohorts will also become more diverse. Yale SOM joined a consortium of universities committed to working together on this issue, called PREDOC. The school has also increased its engagement with the PhD Project, an organization focused on increasing diversity in the PhD pipeline, by organizing a school information session with four faculty and a current student.
  • The Council on Anti-racism and Equity (CARE) at Yale School of Management "focuses on the action areas of inclusive community, academics and classroom culture, and representation" and includes "representatives from the school’s faculty, students, alumni, and staff." The Council "advises the dean and provides a mechanism for communication of needs and issues to the school’s senior leadership."
  • The school offers a course titled "Understanding and Reducing Bias in Organizations," which is described as follows: "This course helps students understand what bias is, why it matters, and how it shapes inequality in important organizational processes (e.g., teamwork, hiring, advancement). We will also examine what the science says about whether, when, and which strategies can help reduce bias in organizations."
  • The school offers a course titled "Race and Money in America, Contemporary Business Application," which is described as follows: "Business leaders today face more questions than ever about their companies’ stances on diversity and inclusion and their role in improving it. Black and white professionals alike are re-assessing the habits and rituals in their companies that hold them back from making inclusive products and creating inclusive workplaces. Companies are reckoning with, and in many cases apologizing for, their roles in past injustices. Business leaders are pondering whether they speak out about social issues like voting rights and re-evaluating their marketing of products. Entrepreneurs are finding new opportunities to serve Black, Latino and other underserved populations in some industries. Venture capitalists are increasing the amounts they dedicate to minority-owned businesses."
  • Yale SOM is a member of The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management, which is an "organization that works to increase diversity in MBA programs and in corporate America." The most recent seminar was scheduled to have taken place on September 16, 2023.
  • YSOM offers a course titled "ESG Investing" which is described as follows: "This course discusses incorporating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) information in investment portfolios. ESG objectives are important for investors representing trillions of dollars and may affect their portfolios’ risk and return. We will consider ways of blending portfolios’ financial and non-financial goals, and the potential for ESG-minded asset owners to impact the companies in which they invest."
  • YSOM offers an online program titled "Corporate Sustainability Management: Risk, Profit, and Purpose" that offers the following learning outcome: "The skills needed to build a robust corporate sustainability strategy that gives your business a competitive advantage."
  • Students at YSOM can choose "sustainability" as an "area of focus" which is described as follows: "Alongside the integrated core curriculum, in your first year, you will increase your grasp of big ideas and trends in the business of sustainability by participating in the Colloquium on Sustainability Leadership, a series of candid talks with innovators, CEOs of global corporations, policymakers, and other people shaping the field. In addition, you will build your network and benefit from the perspectives and experiences of classmates from all facets of the field."
Symbolic Actions
  • In the Fall of 2020, the school's Dean's Office sponsored major speaker events that fostered discussion of anti-racism and the SOM co-hosted the 2021 edition of the John R. Lewis Racial Justice Case Competition alongside the Business Students for Racial Equity student club.
  • On August 25, 2023, Yale SOM announced that Professor Jayanti Owens won two awards for her research on racial disparity in school discipline. In a 2022 study, Owens found that Black boys tend to face harsher punishment than their White counterparts.
  • On June 1, 2020, the school's Dean issued a message on the death of George Floyd which stated the following: "I think I speak for us all when I say that we at SOM affirm the pain that causes so many to gather and collectively raise their voices against racial injustice. Further, consistent with our distinctive mission, I believe that we are motivated by their example to work to help eradicate the structures of racialized bias and power that give rise to injustice."
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