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Texas A&M University

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Certificate in Social Justice Leadership (CSJL)

Nature of Program
  • "The Certificate in Social Justice Leadership (CSJL) was developed for leaders committed to addressing inequities at nonprofit and public service organizations. CSJL explores how public servants, from on-the-ground volunteers to donors, transform institutions’ systems and structures. Research continues to showcase the advantages of diversity and inclusion of salaried and non-paid employees at public and community service organizations, positing enhanced program and financial performance as the outcome. CSJL Course modules focus on understanding the basics of social justice and its dimensions, the role cultural competency plays in public service, managing and leading diversity initiatives, and creating social change by utilizing learnings to take action. Though a faculty instructor guides learners through each educational module, participants also critique articles, listen to lectures, and engage with cohorts to share insight on real-world social justice scenarios."
  • $1,499

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