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University of Mississippi Medical Center – School of Medicine

Medical School

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2500 N State St
Jackson, Mississippi 39216
(601) 984-1000
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School Information
"The University of Mississippi School of Medicine trains physicians to deliver skilled, equitable health care to all citizens of Mississippi, the region and nation; this is the essential goal of the medical school. The program is accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education. Along the way, students who complete the four-year course of study leading to the Doctor of Medicine degree absorb the school’s core values, including respect for the range of diversity reflected in all people. The University of Mississippi School of Medicine is committed to training skilled and compassionate physicians to provide high-quality and equitable health care particularly to the state’s residents, including diverse and underserved populations. The school prepares learners to provide excellent care through programs of innovative education, state-of-the-art research and comprehensive clinical practice" (Source:
General Information
The University of Mississippi School of Medicine's residency program requires all residents to take a health disparities curriculum beginning in 2018. Recent sessions included a didactic focused on the basic understanding of insurers/payer mixes, a small group session regarding COVID-19 disparities in Mississippi and nationwide, cultural competency, and care of the transgender patient. The medical school also operates within an equity framework and offers various DEI trainings, scholarships, and resources. See developments below:

Actions Taken

Admissions Policies
  • The Office of Diversity and Inclusion outlines their principles by stating "the Office of Diversity and Inclusion develops strategies for diversifying UMMC's faculty, staff, and student body. The ODI collaborates with schools, departments, and programs to increase enrollment, recruitment and retention of diverse individuals..."
Anti-Racism, Bias, and Diversity Training
  • UMMC offers and annual program called the "Diversity and Inclusion Champion Professional Development & Certificate Program" that teaches students about unconscious bias, cultural competency, skills-building, and creating inclusive workplace and learning environments.
  • For the 2020-21 academic year, UMMC offered a program called "DEI Community of Scholars." It aimed to connect participating junior faculty, residents, fellows, and postdocs to research topics including DEI, social justice, racial justice, etc. It is unclear if the program was continued after 2020/21.
  • The Medical School is planning to host a series of discussions in the fall of 2023 titled Racial Equity Leadership Series. This will aim to create more inclusive and equitable communities and work dynamics.
  • The Office of Diversity and Inclusion posted its goals and strategic framework which includes "increase education and training to improve knowledge of DEI and cultural competence among learners, staff, and providers."
Curriculum Changes and Requirements
  • In 2018 the UMMC began a health disparities curriculum that "serves to educate our residents about the many health disparities that exist in our state and country, social determinants of health, implicit bias, advocacy opportunities, and provide resources to aid the underserved."
Program and Research Funding
  • The Office of Diversity and Inclusion offers up to $2,500 for students or faculty who work to enhance inclusion, promote equity, and intentional efforts to advance initiatives in several categories.
  • The school's Office of Diversity and Inclusion provides a "Workforce Diversity Dashboard" that lists data according to race and gender, among other things....
  • The school website has a page titled "An Equity Lens" that provides tips and resources for adapting to a new lifestyle with COVID-19. It discusses topics such as their trauma-informed approach to teaching, how to treat essential employees (mentions that they are more likely to be people of color), speaking up against racism (specifically against Asians and COVID-19)
  • UMMC has a Health and Equity Leadership Program aimed at providing additional leadership and training opportunities for "young men of color." It offers additional one on one opportunities with leaders, faculty, department chairs, etc. It also discusses that participants of the program "receive training and education on the effects of unconscious bias and how practices, processes, and policies may affect behavior."
  • The school posted two letters on a page titled "Racial Equity Tools" the page has some links to racial equity resources and two letters, one dated 3/30/21 in support of Asian Americans, and one dated 6/3/20 discussing the deaths of Breona Taylor, Ahmad Arbery, and George Floyd.
  • In January 2020 Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine (a scholarly journal) published an article titled "Promises Unbroken: A Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion at the University of Mississippi Medical Center" which highlights the school's commitment to equity, and recruiting students and faculty that represent the race, geography, income, and social status of Mississippi residents.
  • The Winter 2022 issue of UMMC Dentistry magazine (for the school of dentistry) included an article that discusses some efforts the school undertakes to enroll students based on race, gender, age, socio-economic status, geography, etc. They also mention attracting students that have a record of serving the underserved. Similar to other articles and programs associated with UMMC, it discusses that they strive to have the school reflect the demographics of the state of Mississippi.
Symbolic Actions
  • The website has an image as the headliner of a crowd of people wearing white doctors coats with a description stating "White Coats for Black Lives - During a student led protest, people from around the Medical Center shower their support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement."
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