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Bismarck State College

Undergraduate School

Mailing Address
1500 Edwards Avenue
Bismarck, North Dakota 58506
(701) 224-5429
School Information
Bismarck State College was founded in 1939. "Bismarck State College, an innovative community college, offers high quality education, workforce training, and enrichment programs reaching local and global communities" (Source: Bismarck has 4,000 students and a student to faculty ratio of 14 to 1. BSC offers "associate degrees, diploma and certificate programs, and three bachelor’s degrees."
General Information
Bismarck has created an Embracing Diversity Committee which offers programming related to diversity. Resources and extra guidance for multicultural students are provided. At this time, no mandatory Critical Race Training is required. See developments below:

Actions Taken

Program and Research Funding
  • Bismarck offers a "Cultural Diversity Tuition Waiver Program" for historically underrepresented groups.
  • Bismarck State College provides the "Nuclear Regulatory Commission Scholarship" in order to "encourage students to enter the nuclear generation, medical or research workforce." Additionally, "Underrepresented populations such as women, minorities and students with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply."
  • Bismarck's Embracing Diversity Committee offers diversity programming in addition to being a supplement to diversity courses.
  • Bismarck's Mystic Advising and Counseling Center "provides culturally appropriate student support services designed to enhance the academic and personal success of all multicultural students attending BSC. This includes providing resources and guidance towards multicultural scholarships.
  • The Embracing Diversity Committee "seeks out speakers and presenters to provide cultural programming and to address issues such as prejudice, [and] interaction with refugee students, etc. The committee also "offers events throughout the academic year to employees, students, and the local community to celebrate and continue the discussion of diversity-related issues."
Symbolic Actions
  • Bismarck's Embracing Diversity Committee "collaborates, sponsors, and promotes diversity-related programs including Campus Read."
Last updated May 3rd, 2024
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