Critical Race Training in Education

Keene State College


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School Information
"Keene State College prepares promising students to think critically and creatively, to engage in active citizenship, and to pursue meaningful work. As the public liberal arts college of New Hampshire, we offer an enriching campus community and achieve academic excellence through the integration of teaching, learning, scholarship, and service." The college enrolls over 3,500 students and has over 40 areas of study. (Source: (Source:
General Information
Keene State College has announced bias training for faculty, staff, and incoming students. New student orientation programs, according to the university, will educate students on bias. See developments below:


  • Anti-Racism, Bias, and Diversity Training

    The college president announced, "Both our first-year seminar and new student Orientation provide sessions that explore and educate students on how bias works, how it impacts all of us and how to address it in their lives. The seminar and Orientation sessions also point students toward resources that are available to help them."

  • Disciplinary Measures

    The college president announced, "We reviewed and refined our reporting and policies around bias incidents. Specifically, we created a Bias and Hate Reporting platform for any member of our college community, or the greater Keene community, to use for reporting concerning incidents on campus and off campus. These reports will initiate investigations."

  • Disciplinary Measures

    The college is reviewing its "Discrimination and Harassment Policy."

  • Anti-Racism, Bias, and Diversity Training

    The college pledged to "Provide new equity and diversity training for all faculty and staff."

  • Symbolic Actions

    The college president announced, "We are again launching our campus commission for diversity, equity, and inclusiveness that will actively incorporate these values into the ongoing work of the college. Also, we will be conducting a top to bottom review of the college and how we operate, to ensure that any possible areas that are vulnerable to allowing for bias are recognized and changed."

Last updated May 24th, 2022