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Nazareth College

Undergraduate School

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4245 East Ave
Rochester, New York 14618
(585) 389-2525
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School Information
"Nazareth College’s academic strengths cross an unusually broad spectrum of 60 majors, including education, health and human services, management, the fine arts, music, theater, math and science, foreign languages, and the liberal arts. The coeducational, religiously independent, classic campus in a charming suburb of Rochester, N.Y., challenges and supports 2,300 undergrads and 700 graduate students. Nazareth is recognized nationally for its Fulbright global student scholars and commitment to civic engagement. Rigorous programs, an uncommon arts and sciences core, experiential learning, career skills, and a global focus prepare graduates for not just one job, but for their life’s work." The college also employs over 500 faculty. (Source: (Source:
General Information
The college is the first college to partner with 540WMain Inc., a nonprofit which promotes antiracist education. The program will provide virtual workshops and resources on racial and social justice. No mandatory Critical Race Training sessions are yet required of students. However, see developments below:

Actions Taken

Anti-Racism, Bias, and Diversity Training
  • The college has provided students and faculty with a. repository of universal DEI resources.
Political Actions and Support for Anti-Racism
  • Over the Winter in 2021, the college explained its reasons for creating an "Anti-Racist Campus."
  • The college hosted Dr. Patrick Saint-Jean, S.J. to discuss "The Spiritual Work of Anti-Racism: An Ignatian Way of Discerning Justice For Everyone" at a speaker event.
  • The Center for Civic Engagement sponsored an introductory discussion to antiracist policies.
  • Nazareth College students will now be able to partner with a nonprofit to learn more about social and racial justice workshops, which include courses like "Introduction to Anti-racism Practice" and "What to Black Women is the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment?"
  • The college is hosting "Solidarity and Social Justice Retreats."
Symbolic Actions
  • In December 2021, students protested "over concerns about racism and a lack of diversity on campus."
Last updated July 26th, 2022
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