Critical Race Training in Education

Northern State University


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School Information
"Northern State University will provide diverse academic, civic, social and cultural opportunities that prepare students through the liberal arts, professional education and E-learning for their future endeavors, while also enriching the local and regional community" (Source: Founded in 1901, the school has a total undergraduate enrollment of nearly 3,000 students and a student to faculty ratio of 18 to 1. NSU offers 59 majors, 46 minors, and 6 pre-professional programs.
General Information
NSU has committed to anti-racism and DEI in its policies and decisions. The school offers events, programming, and resources related to these topics. In addition, NSU has created a Twitter handle for the Council on Community, Culture, and Social Justice. Students athletes and staff will be trained on DEI. See developments below:


  • Symbolic Actions

    In 2020, NSU announced, "Northern State Athletics created the Athletics Council on Community, Culture and Social Justice as a department-wide effort to help advance the University's commitment to anti-racism, social justice and equality."

  • Anti-Racism, Bias, and Diversity Training

    In 2020, NSU announced that the school will "educate and train Northern student-athletes and athletics department staff on the topics of diversity, inclusion, and cultural intelligence."

  • Admissions Policies

    In 2020, NSU announced that the school will "increase the recruitment and retention of minority and underrepresented student-athletes and athletics department staff at Northern."

  • Resources

    In 2020, NSU announced that the school will "serve as a liaison to campus diversity and inclusion offices, organizations, and professionals."

  • Political Actions and Support for Anti-Racism

    In 2020, NSU announced the school will "enforce the institution’s commitment to the NCAA Presidential Pledge to Promote Diversity and Gender Equity in Intercollegiate Athletics."

  • Resources

    NSU offers numerous resources on DEI.

  • Political Actions and Support for Anti-Racism

    On March 3, 2021, NSU announced, "the Wolves basketball players decided to kneel before their games during the National Anthem. They’ve received support from around campus, and especially their teammates - the entire men’s basketball team wore 'End Racism' shirts at a recent game."

  • Resources

    NSU has a Twitter account for its Council on Community, Culture, and Social Justice.

  • Resources

    NSU's Multicultural Student Affairs offers events and programming as part of NSU's goal to create "an increasingly diverse, engaged, inclusive, and welcoming culture to support all students, faculty, and staff."

  • Symbolic Actions

    NSU is committed to "building a culture of inclusion, belonging, and collegiality that respects diversity in knowledge, culture, and world view."

  • Program and Research Funding

    The Director of Admissions received a grant award to attend the Upswell conference in Chicago in 2019, which is "an annual event that connects people across the country in public and private sectors who are seeking to bridge the gap in terms of diversity, equity, and inclusion."

  • Symbolic Actions

    On June 4, 2020, NSU released a statement in response to the death of George Floyd, stating, "At Northern State University, we stand against racial injustice and violence."

Last updated December 6th, 2021