Critical Race Training in Education
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"Founded as an experiment in 1960, UC San Diego scholars aren’t afraid to challenge convention if it means we can accelerate answers to our society’s most pressing issues. As one of the top 20 research universities in the world, we are driving change far beyond our walls to advance society and propel economic growth. And the world has taken notice." "UC San Diego’s academic programs, taught by recognized experts, prepare students to stand out and lead change. As a student-centered university, all undergraduates belong to a tight-knit college community and are equipped to succeed through supplemental learning, faculty-mentored research opportunities, student success coaches and more." The university has 12 divisions/schools, over 130 undegraduate majors, seven residential colleges, and a 19:1 student to faculty ratio. (Source:
General Information
The chancellor of UC San Diego announced a "21-day Challenge". This challenge was a series of trainings and events focused on "power, position, privilege, perception, and process". Subsequent actions to build on this training have not yet been announced, but are expected. No mandatory Critical Race Training sessions are yet required of students. However, see developments below:


  • Anti-Racism, Bias, and Diversity Training

    Chancellor introduced a “21-day Challenge” centering around “power, position, privilege, perception, and process.”

Last updated July 1st, 2021