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"We're USD - the state's flagship university: The big-time university with a small-college feel. We're memorable mentors and lifelong friends. We're world-class academics and out-of-class opportunities. We're innovative technology and long-standing tradition. We're your university. We Are South Dakota." The university enrolls over 9,900 students, has a student-faculty ratio of 16:1, and offers 202 undergraduate programs and 78 graduate programs. (Source: (Source:
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Though the university has not yet implemented a campus-wide mandatory anti-racism program, it's official podcast, "Credit Hour", has created a new series called "Voices Amplified", where multiple episodes discuss the prevalence of "systemic racism" and "implicit bias". No mandatory Critical Race Training sessions are yet required of students. However, see developments below:


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    One episode of the podcast, titled "Exploring the History of Social Justice", featured the director of the Center for Diversity and Community, who said, "[Racism is] built into the laws, and policies and practices of our institutions. And often these laws and policies are racially neutral–so we make look at it, we may read the policy, we may be aware of it–but we don’t take into account how it is disproportionally impacting minority communities.”

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    Another episode of the university's podcast discussed "critical social justice theory...and implicit bias."

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    University president stated, "We strive to make excellence inclusive through... Embedding diversity, equity and inclusiveness in all facets of the university..."

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    "The University of South Dakota’s podcast, Credit Hour, interviewed an assistant professor in the USD School of Education, Dyanis Popova, Ph.D., as part of its ongoing series, “Voices Amplified,” exploring issues involving race such as critical social justice theory, the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., and implicit bias."

Last updated May 31st, 2022