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The debate over CRT in K-12 education has exploded in Kentucky in 2021. Two bills have been filed that would ban CRT in public schools, prompting intense pushback by teachers unions, some superintendents, and the chair of the Board of Education. (source) The pushback has included misleading definitions of equity, as well as denials that CRT advances such concepts as intersectionality, anti-racism, systemic racism, and rampant white supremacy.

K-12 Education

The commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Education, Dr. Jason Glass, told the Kentucky Legislature that equity does not equate to CRT, and used the now familiar dodge that no school districts in the commonwealth specifically teach CRT. This is a dodge, of course, because CRT isn’t explicitly taught—school administrators and state regulators use CRT as a framework to infuse such concepts as so-called antiracism, dismantling power structures, decolonialization, etc., into every aspect of the curriculum. Some districts in Kentucky have gone so far as to implement anti-racist curriculum for math. (source)

Higher Education

Kentucky’s higher education system has fully embraced CRT, in the form of intersectionality, DEI, and other resultant concepts, as a framework for all public institutions for higher education. They have provided symposia for colleges to embrace radically progressive hiring practices by the National Inclusive Excellence Leadership Academy. (source)

“In accordance with the Kentucky Public Postsecondary Education Diversity Policy for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, the Council on Postsecondary Education requires an institutional diversity plan.” (source)

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