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New Jersey

New Jersey has jumped into the deep end of CRT in curriculum at all levels of K-12 and higher education. CRT is now required in K-12 education, and higher education has embraced an equity lens in shaping all policies.

K-12 Education

In March 2021, New Jersey passed a law requiring courses in unconscious bias and diversity for all students in kindergarten through 12th grade. (source) An activist group describes the need for CRT in public education in New Jersey:

CRT provides a relevant, research-based framework through which education leaders and policymakers can think about the social construct of race and the impact of racism on students of color. This framework also provides educators the tools they need to transform current practices in teaching and learning and to examine the attitudes and biases—implicit or explicit—that they bring into their classrooms. This work allows educators to teach in ways that are truly anti-racist, culturally responsive and affirming. (source)

Higher Education

The New Jersey Secretary of Higher Education strategic plan is infused with diversity, equity, and inclusion, and has a goal to close historical equity gaps among underserved populations. Many of the state’s public and private institutions have begun requiring various elements of CRT in coursework. (source)

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